New friend at school

Three months ago me and my parents moved to a new area from our private rented house into council house, I didn’t like the area it was ran down but I found out I was close to someone I kinda knew at school, I’m 13 and moving away from an area with friends is hard, but grateful I didn’t have to move high schools.
The first few days I walked to the school bus alone and then home, after a week I started walking with a girl called Ellie in my area she had bit of a reputation in school for being a little promiscuous with how see dresses but i didn’t care and she had friends. After school one night she asked me what I was doing, and I would normally go home and start on homework I didn’t want any negative points in my homework planner and end up in a 2 hour detention. The next day at school Ellie was telling me about a party she was going too with a guy from another school and asked me if I wanted to go I said i’d think about it, if my parents where working nights. Friday after school me and Ellie walked from school and I said I’ll meet you later at the community center after I get changed outta my school uniform, into something more causal she said not to bother and said the guys liked it so we went straight there, and she meet up with this guys she mentioned who turns out was in the final year, and some other guys who looked older then him. They offered us drink and they started to smoke weed, I didn’t want to at first but after a drink or two I decided why not and shared half a joint with my friend. This guys turned up in these cars looked like racers and picked us up I asked Ellie where are we going, she told me it was to a house party across the estate, when we got there this house had about 15 people in drinking and smoking listening to music, Ellie said follow me and we went into the bathroom and she started rolling her socks over her knees and hitching her skirt up she told me to as well and I said it’s okay my mine is short enough, and started putting her make up on and then did mine she said I looked nice and then we went back down stairs where there more people one of them was a older women in a red dress who I’d didn’t know.

Me and Ellie started drinking in the kitchen for awhile and these guys started talking to us about their cars and all sat down in the living room, an hour later I felt high on the weed everyone was smoking and this guy who i talking with kept leaning into me to talk because of the loud music and we started kissing on the sofa this was actually my first real kiss with tongues and his hands on me started wondering I didn’t mind them on my hips but not on my legs and trying to pushing my skirt up, so i made an excuse that i need the toilet and left him told he I would be back, I could not find Ellie any where in house and I asked some people there and they said she was upstairs, so I went upstairs and had a look around for her and went into one of the rooms and found her with these old guys one of them on top of her, with all her shirt buttons undone and her school skirt up, she was laughing and told me to get out so I told her I’d see her later and left the party and walked home, I found out later the girl in the red dress was a prostitute and my friend said she didn't remember a thing.

Sep 29, 2015

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