I'm hooking up with an older co-worker

I’m 18 and got my first job working at a cell phone store. Joergie works there too and she looks like Emma Watson. She’s 27 and beautiful! She has pail white skin, big brown eyes and her hair is dyed gray. Her style is Harry Potter. I can tell she takes a lot of time with hair and makeup. Everyday she looks like a model! She’s by far the hottest girl working at the store.
Two months ago Joergie and I had the same lunch schedule so we went to a taco shop and sat outside. OMG! She was wearing a skirt with knee socks, brown loafers, cardigan and neck tie. Her legs looked amazing!
The subject of relationships came up and she asked if I was seeing anyone. I told her no. I asked if she was seeing anyone. She said no. We talked more and have the same interests. She said I was cute and into me. I admitted I was attracted to her also. She asked if I’d like to hang out with her sometime. I said, “H*** Yeah!”
Now the shocker! She’s transexual. WOW! I told her she looks amazing! She put her hand on my hand and thanked me for not judging.

Joergie said she’s always been attracted to guys and feels more comfortable as a female. 6 years ago she was working for a popular coffee chain and discovered their insurance would cover most of the hormone treatment costs. Which she has to continuously do monthly for the rest of her life.
Her parents are supportive and assisted with costs. Before Covid, she had laser hair removal, trach shave and breast implants. She told me she would have been a AA cup but now she’s a solid B.
She left the coffee shop because the cell phone company is currently offering a signing bonus after 6 months of employment and the insurance covers her therapy sessions.
She asked if I’d ever been with a guy. I told her I gave oral once when I was in high school but that was as far as it went. Heck who didn’t.
She lives with her parents and they’re open about her lifestyle. Since she began her journey, her relationship with her mother has gotten stronger. Joergie is so brave.
I’ve spent the night with her numerous times. Her parents don’t mind.
BTW: She looks exactly like her mom! Her mom is late 40s, fit and beautiful. S** with Joergie is fun and crazy! She wants it all the time! I’ve had more s** with Joergie than I have with any of my previous girlfriends. The best part is we don’t need protection because she can’t get pregnant.
My parents met Joergie once but they don’t know she’s a Trans Woman. Their only concern is our age difference. I don’t think age is an issue. Joergie is a kind person and the nicest girl I’ve been with. She is a caring person with a big heart. We agree on everything and she’s super cool to hang with. We get along great!
I don’t know how this relationship will go but I think I’ll keep her secret from my parents for now.

Sep 27

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  • Trans girls are GOLD!
    Three years ago I hooked up with one when I was stationed in Korea. DAMN she was gorgeous and f***** my brains out! I've been hooked ever since!
    I used Pure a few times since I got back to the states. It's all good but NOTHING comes close to that girl in Korea.

  • What a load of absolute total fücking bullshìt! This kind of fetishizing the trans-community, is merely the opposite side of the same transphobic coin! As a trans woman myself, I had to endure the “chicks with dìcks” fetish fan-boys, and I was raped and beaten by more than one! Then I completed a series of facial feminization surgeries, a hairline reduction, and the tracheal shave, you are so aware of, and now, nobody would ever know that I lived my first 18 years as a terrified diminutive gay boy! Let me tell you something… NO Trans-woman would EVER ask someone she was dating or merely liked “have you ever been with a guy?” First, it’s none of anybody’s fücking business, but most importantly trans women, ARE women, PERIOD! We are not guys, so why would she even care? All I would do, is if a guy was interested, I’d politely tell him that I’m trans, and then it’s up to him! Also, being trans is not a fücking lifestyle you ignorant little boy! Swinging is a fücking lifestyle, veganism is a fücking lifestyle, being trans is a result of Gender Dysphoria! And, there is not a tranny alive that would enter a serious relationship with any guy who was afraid to tell his mommy and daddy that the woman dating their son, is trans! Look, you don’t have to introduce a trans woman, or any woman to your parents at all. If it’s just casual, hey b****, NBD! But if you are at the “meeting parents” stage of your relationship, and you haven’t told them… WTF? You’re clearly ashamed of her being trans? God, the ignorant transphobia and trans fetishism is just dripping of this bullshìt! I just can’t believe that in 2021 an 18yo would display THIS level of IGNORANCE! This is just SO offensive, I literally just can’t!

  • LOL I know. Transwomen (almost never men, you notice? what is that male sexual fetish about being a woman called?)

    Anyway, this fetish for a guy becoming a woman is just a guy wanting women to be women, so focus it that way gents. Have your gal wear more make-up or dress sexier.

    For the trans losers out there, I recommend the very insightful song by White Town called "I Could Never By Your Woman"

  • Https://my.mail.ru/inbox/carevna-nesmeyana/video/_myvideo/31.html

    The woman in the black leather is hot, unlike the trans freak that White Town is singing about.

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