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Have you ever met someone who looks "WAY" younger than they really are? Well that describes me. I am really 24 but I look like a 14 or 15 year old. People all the time call me "tiny". I am 5 foot flat, 90 pounds, not really skinny I have a nice body but I am just small.
I had been bartending and going to college part time. When both got shut down with all the virus stuff I decided to just pull out of college until it passes. About 6 months ago I was hanging out with a friend. We were joking about getting new jobs when he commented that I should try getting into p***. He said I would be popular because I look so young. After that I couldn't stop thinking about it.
I went online and posted an ad on an escort site just to see what would happen. I posted my age as 18 along with a few nude pics. Well the computer nearly melted down! Responses started pouring in asking for a date. I didn't expect this and for the first time I was seriously considering it. I hadn't thought this through and now I was in a position of having to set a price for my services? I thought I was crazy and would never get this but I replied back to a couple of guys and said $250.00 for an hour. They immediately replied "YES"! I was amazed! I was kinda getting off on this so I decided to mess with a guy who seems fixated on how young I looked. I told him I "just wanted to be honest because I didn't want to get him in trouble, but I am really 15". OMG!!! The guy replied back and offered $500.00!
What should I do? I need the money and $%00.00 for an hour of s**!

Oct 8

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  • Iā€™d dress you up like a dirty school girl.

  • If it is legal in your jurisdiction, go for it!

    If not, don't risk it!

  • Got ya beat, I am 77, have all my hair, zero wrinkles and at 6' and 195# I am in shape.
    I can easily pass for around 50, and have shocked more than one person when they find out how old I really am.
    I tried to do the annual run near here, even with me showing my ID they still would not let me run in the 75 and up class.
    Plus.. everything still works just fine, thank you.

  • My Grandad was like that. When he was 75 he didn't have a wrinkle one on his face. He was bad to head off gambling all weekend in Tunica MS. He often picked up girls in their 40s and 50s with no problem. Hot ass MILFs too.

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