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I have always made more money than my wife, but recently she got a new job and she is the breadwinner now. Her attitude has changed so much. Before she was slim and polite. Now she has me waiting on her constantly. I'm 200 pounds and she was always around 150. In the past year she has ballooned to 250. She tells me to come snuggle her and makes me rub her growing belly. I think it's all my fault though because she found out through my search history I have a feederism fetish and also a cuckold fetish.
I'm 2 inches taller than her and lately she's only been wearing 3 inch or taller heels. Recently we went to her work party and I was the only "shorter" husband. She was flirting rather heavily with her boss too who kept eyeing her big t*** and ass.
I like the humiliation and her getting bigger but idk how far this should go. She showered before work and wore a skirt but as I was snuggling her I could clearly smell her p**** and it was ripe. I can't help but get turn on.

Oct 9

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  • I was in same situation 25 years ago. If you enjoy humiliation and being treated like a p..... by both your wife and her male friend then your about to find out. It has it's awkward moments but for us I would say it has worked. My little d.... knows its place belongs in panties and I am an obedient cuckold. J

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