Motorcycle girl with VW Rabbit stick shift a keeper when done rig

August 1994 it was about 1:30 a.m. and I was coming home from work. Cuz I'm going down buffalo to make a right on Lakewood there's a rd called Williams road. There was nothing really on that side of the problem s road but transmission repair shop and nothing else. There was something else on this somewhat Misty dark night it was a woman with a VW rabbit on the side of the road. I pull over to offer any help. I immediately notice that she was within my category of likable women. She was about five seven, nice body, short blonde hair, blue eyes, and a pretty smile. She says thank you for stopping I have a dead battery. So I told her I'm getting in the car and when I push it in the top of clutch out and did you know what I was talking about. She said yes that she knows about doing that but she lives a little bit concerned it wasn't going to work just ask if she had jumper cables and she did and I told her worst case scenario I could jump off my motorcycle left on that before and it would be no problem got a very good battery. I just live right down the road on Williams road not those two blocks away maybe I can take her right back to my bike home. And that she has a motorcycle as well so it turns out we got her car started. We exchange phone numbers it may have her my beeper number 1994 I had a pager not a phone so we're not dealing with the current times. One thing I noticed was how cute she looks sitting inside the VW rabbit revving the engine up to make sure it was charged. I called her home just to make sure they didn't stop on her. She looks like right there on Williams Rd in a duplex. I rode my motorcycle home couldn't stop thinking about her. I wanted to see her driving that 5-speed VW rabbit. I finally got the chance well I thought I did. I spoke to the VW rabbit girl a few times and it came out where I needed a ride home from work. I think my motorcycle was in the shop or something was down with that so I was able to get to work but he did a ride home. I called the VW rabbit lady and she said sure she was come pick me up from work. I remember saying to myself hot damn I'm going to get to see her drive that VW rabbit 5 speed. We spoke a few times and she mentioned she had a lead foot. The day comes for the vw rabbit girl to pick me up from work. I remember sitting at work and had butterflies a little bit in my stomach just want to thinking about her picking me up. I did call on lunch break and confirm that she will be there but you never mentioned anything about. Well, the . Ok so it's getting off work time. I'm clocking out and walking out the door excited because I'm getting a ride home from pretty girl driving at VW rabbit five speed and she like to go fast. I walk out the exit doors to the parking area. I noticed the VW rabbit girl but I do not notice a VW rabbit but I do notice her motorcycle apparently the one that she said that she had which was a 500 Ninja it might have even been a 250. It wasn't downsized by it and she's like I got two helmets I figured we go for a motorcycle ride you could drive and that was you know probably because the man always drives a motorcycle he never gets behind a woman unless you're in California they think different over there but over here you'll never see a man behind a woman on a motorcycle. But like Simon went down so really hoping to see her drive if you going to grab it and despite one of my favorite cars but now I get on the motorcycle and she hops on the back and take off and it definitely was not like my 750. There was no way you could even try to go fast but the bike was decent for transportation. She got me home I'm sure she wanted more but I gave her helmet and she loves herself home and I thought I was tired and needed to sleep. In conclusion if she had picked me after work with a VW rabbit things may have turned out a lot different for me. The fact is we will have been at some point later that night f****** like rabbits. A motorcycle owning girlfriend that would have been on the back of my motorcycle and we would ride together. A riding partner is priceless. Getting rides from her in the VW rabbit would have spiked my arousal levels. It was a 5 speed manual and seeing her feet work the pedals would have been the extra thing that would have kept me from tap and go. I would have never went to plant City to meet my ex-wife. I'm almost 100% sure of it. That's all folks.

Oct 10, 2021

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