Single and lonely I had a ** over,

I changed jobs and moved across town near the refinery. I rented a furnished room and other than work didn't have anything going on. I noticed that there was a strip joint, the Emerald Lounge, a great big Emerald Cat on the sign, near where I lived.

I got bored day after day and I started going to the Emerald Lounge just to see people. I nursed my beer and sat in a booth so I could see the girl dancing on the stage. A woman would come and offer me another drink, which I turned down, time after time. But she kept coming, like her boss told her to come ask me. After a while, with my eyes used to the darkness I saw her give a table dance across the room, she had woman **, which hung from her chest as she moved her hips in front of the customer.

After her dance, she got her top on again and came over and asked if I wanted another beer. I did ask for one that time, she mentioned that she had seen me watching her and if I wanted ** it was 20 bucks, think about it. When she came back I put the 20 on the table and she took her top off and floated those ** in front of me. She didn't charge me for the beer and when I walked out she came over to me and said all night was 50.

I stopped and didn't answer and she told me that getting laid was better than five ** Freddy. My budget couldn't handle it, not after laying that 20 on the table, but I said sure, and gave her the complex and room number. She showed up in street clothes and as soon as she was in she stripped down to nothing.

In the lights I could see she wasn't in her twenties, when you see women like that the first thing that comes to mind is that they've had a hard life. She gave me a BJ to get me erect, and then spread out on the bed with her legs wide open. As I approached her she handed me a condom, I slipped it on thinking how many swinging ** had been down that rabbit hole. I ** her, and reminded her that for 50 it was all night so she stayed and slept till ten in the morning.

She had to be at least ten years older, she looked every minute of it older. She had a nice smile, she got on her knees and gave me a BJ. For a second there I felt sorry for her and intended to go back and tip her. But I wasn't making that kind of money, letting 70 slip out of my hands on her between the table dance and the overnight company was more than I could afford.

I never returned to the Emerald Lounge. I moved to another complex at the end of the year and met a girl at work that turned me on. And she didn't need a condom.

Mar 19

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