I Love What I Love Without Shame

After years of other peoples' expectations I decided to please myself, sever a few relationships and call my own shots in sexual relationships. I don't worry anymore about a man's priorities so I control my situations and scenarios. He'll get his rocks off and leaves happy but it is all about me and being honest to myself.
First, I love being tied down in a spread eagle style wearing only tan thigh top stockings (Don't worry, the straps have a quick-release for safety). I tell my man to climb on me and pump it like crazy, the harder the better! I love hearing him grunt and groan to deliver a big sticky climax. Hey, it's just me. I love the way it feels. He loves doing it too.

Second, for oral s** I prefer the 69 position with me on top. I like the control of handling his manhood and controlling the pace, sometimes even dragging it out for an hour. Meanwhile, his face is buried between my legs and I o***** like crazy. I love swallowing and licking him clean too.

Third, at no time do I ever do a*** s**. I've never been turned on by a p*** hole!

Fourth, he is not in control. I am. I create the scene, technique, and what I want to have happen to me and for me. He is just a very willing participant and hasn't missed a session yet. I assume he is satisfied but I don't worry about it.

Essentially he is controlled by me. This is about my assertiveness and pleasure. He, of course, benefits too. My latest idea that I'm working on is to put a rubber sheet on the bed and be strapped face down wearing only wet pantyhose and have him open hand spank me until I tell him to stop. I have an interest in hearing the wet slap of his hand against my nyloned ass. Then I'll either turn over and have him do me hard or maybe take it doggie style. I can't wait to hear the ripping sound when he pulls the pantyhose crotch apart.

I love what I am doing and if he ever didn't like it I am sure I can find other willing participants. I'm just a gal who wants what she wants, the way she wants it. It makes me a little h**** just sharing this. Thanks!

Oct 10

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  • I would love this kind or attitude and expectation in a relationship. You control the man while pleasing the heck out of him. Thanks for writing this. It has given me many ideas, especially regarding how to clearly define one's expectations.

  • Thank you for getting it right. The physical side of our lives is confusing. Satisfying each other can be a goal that is hard to reach or is fraught with too many "issues" and communication challenges. Thanks for making it simple and removing silly issues. You took control and nobody leaves dissatisfied.

  • Definitely want to be your pantyhose slave!

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