Us young girls too...

I seduced my uncle when I was 17. There is said it, and I enjoyed it, get over it!
I keep seeing posts on this site from older females having s** with young (teenage boys). But what teenage girls, we have s** too, and not just with teenage boys.
I used to over hear my mother and my aunt talking about their s** lives. My aunt used to brag about the size of my uncles p****. I had been sexually active since I was 15 but had never been with a boy that had a large p****. I started wondering what it would be like to experience a large p**** and even started fantasizing about my uncle.
Well one week my aunt had a medical procedure and had to stay a couple of days in the hospital. I knew my uncle would be home alone at night. I made an excuse to get out and stopped by his house. He thought I was there to tidy up, feed the dog, blah, blah... He was oblivious sitting on the couch watching TV. In the other room I stripped down naked. I was prepared and had shaved my p**** bald that day. I put my hair up in a ponytail, took a deep breath and walked into the room with my uncle. He didn't notice a thing until I stood right in front of him. He looked like a deer in the headlights. SPEECHLESS! I stepped forward and straddled him. He gave a faint attempt to push me away and mumbled "we can't do this". As I grinded on his lap I pulled his head forward and kissed him. GAME OVER! I could feel what my aunt was talking about poking me through his sweats!
I will skip all the foreplay details but we ended up in the bedroom. Just as we were about to have s** I got up the nerve to actually ask, "how big is your c***"? 9 1/2 inches!!! I believed it, at one point I held it against my forearm
and it was bigger!
I laid on the bed with my legs in the air as he stood, and with A LOT of lube he began working into my p****. I remember looking down and seeing my tummy bulge every time he pushed into me! God it was amazing.
I am 21 now and my uncle still holds the record for the biggest c*** I have ever had.

Oct 12

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  • How nice for you. Too bad you couldn't have started younger. I hear the greatest thrill is for a girl in her early teens to experience a really large p**** in her. She is set for life then. A huge c*** is all she wants. I might add that the same is true for a***.

  • As a teenager I seduced a teacher. Well more like my softball coach. During an after school practice I faked a ankle sprain. I asked him to help me get to the locker room so I could change, get my stuff and go home. He handed things over to the assistant coach and took me inside. He began checking out my ankle and asked if I needed it wrapped. When I told him yes, he walked into the cage to get the first aid kit. When his back was turned I stood up and quickly stripped. When he walked back his was pretty shocked. But he quickly got over it as he got a good look at my perky B t*** and shaved little p****.

  • I got spoiled early. I had s** for the first time at 16, my boyfriend was 18. And yes he had a large 8 inch p****. I guess I immediately became a "size queen". Since that was my started kit I never even considered anything smaller. It has occasionally caused problems when dating because I have found it is better to be honest up front and tell any potential partner about my preference for s** with "larger" guys.

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