I've trippled my weight since meeting wife

I've really let go since meeting my wife. When we met almost 12 years ago I was a muscular hunk of a man. I weighed around 160lb. It started off slowly but I was eating more and she was cooking more. She would rub my belly and try to get me to eat more. It was turning me on. I had never been so turned on. This became a regular occurrence. The weight started piling on and I loved it. I wanted more and I'm sure my wife wanted me bigger too. She would suggest ordering out like all the time. Its to the point where I have fast food everyday. Also I noticed I can't c** unless I'm full like painfully full and my wife uses that to her advantage. Any guys go through something similar? Any girls fatten up their husband on purpose? Also should I talk to her about this or let it ride?

Oct 17

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  • How much you weigh now? Would love to meet a woman like your wife and grow massive!

  • You do not need to say a thing. All that will do is interrupt your feeding, which you both want to go on nonstop. She has wired your brain to associate feeding and fullness with s** and her approval. You are hooked, so relax and enjoy the attention, food, weight gain and total control by your wife.

  • Best thing I ever did. I'm over 500 living the dream

  • Same here. Sitting at a nice 540. My wife is the absolute best..keeps me stuffed and gaining

  • Man, must feel great. 250 here and gaining.

  • Absolutely does!! How big you aiming for?

  • Love to hear it. I've been trying to encourage my guy to gain. Went from 130 to 250 and now we are stuck

  • Heavy cream. Try it if you haven't. Over covid gained 153lbs

  • Heavy cream easily helped me gain the last 20 lbs. It's magic

  • You should quadruple it. Fat guys getting fatter is so hot. I helped/forced 😉 my husband to get fat. He went from 145 to 470 and we aren't stopping anytime soon. Let the fattening continue

  • How did you do it? I'd love to get my husband on that diet!!!!

  • He's either needs to love to eat or you need to get sneaky 😉

  • Let it ride. Enjoy yourself.

  • I am in the same boat, but 20 years later in our marriage than you. I wish I had let my wife fatten me sooner. Got to say, I love the feel of my belly pudge and hers when we are together. Flab on flab, nice way to enjoy one another.

    Let it ride

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