This summer my and my wife when to a music festival like we do every year. This year being different we ended up bringing some new friends with us( on top of our normal friends that come). Everything was going good until Saturday night, when I got a little drunk and my wife's friends hisband ended up not feeling well. So he went back to his camper to pass out drunk, while his wife chose to stay with us. In the late hours of the party we are pretty drunk at thos point. Standing near the stag watching the show, I find myself having to take a leak. So I wander off to the forest line where everyone is p******. On my way back I find my wifes friend had followed me. She stops me right on the trail where everyone is walking drops to her knees, pulls down my pants and starts to blow me right there infront of everyone. I didnt know what to do. So in my drunken state I just stood there while everyone walked by as this younger hot tiny blonde sucked me deep and sloppy swallowing every drop. Best night ever. She never brought it up and we never did anything like that ever again. But everytime I see her she gives me that smiling look like it our little secret.

Jan 6, 2020

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