Getting souls for Satan

I have a rather rare--but passionate--goal:

I intend to get as many people as I possibly can to fully commit their souls to Satan. I dedicated mine to Him many years ago and I have never regretted it!

So far, I have managed to get a little over 2 dozen people to fully commit and to do a dedication ceremony. Not a single one has tried to go back on it!
Satan always wins! HAIL SATAN!

Dec 24, 2019

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  • Satan coming for you americans. He ready. And don't on God to help you. Because HE will not

  • Yawn. Either a troll or another religiot. As much as mouthy Christians deserve all the so-called "persecution" they get, they're not the only unstable morons, as OP shows.

  • Translates in real life as

    " I'm a Brony"

  • I am into satanic rituals for years --- one woman and five satan friends in the act. The ritual is more on trantic principles. Always at night of full moon, middle of a forest or open isolated place, we drink wine mixed with blood of pig or c***, intoxicated, she lies on her back naked and legs wide spread, and we get into nude, touch her all over, every nook and corner of her body, each of us touch her from head to toe. Then resume fondling her every parts, followed by her b****, navel, abdomen, v*****, inner thighs. As the night grows deeper, we kiss every part of her body, like the above ways. She hardly knows what was happening and surrenders her body and soul to us. Our body and soul to her. We never f*** straight way, we conserve or consume our own s**** within, just keep in arousing state to the extreme till we too are almost drowsy or asleep. In early morning we get up and walk around the woman chanting secret verses till she wakes up. We help each others to get dressed and wait for the next full moon night. However, s** is secondary, if she wants she is allowed to f*** anyone or every body in our group. No gay activity is allowed!

  • "no gay activity is allowed"

    😂 Cause Satan ain't no f**😂😂😂

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