I like making her mad.

My wife and I have a good marriage but every once in a while she will get in one of her moods and so I will admit I do things to actually try to p*** her off. The other day I had an opportunity to do just that while she was in one of her bitchy moods and it worked out well for me.
We just returned from a family trip and her sister had joined us, We have 4 kids and her sister often joins us and helps with kids, It's not necessary but she enjoys spending time with them and she likes to think she is giving us a little break so who am I to say no. I pay for her trips etc. So it's a good deal for her and it turned out this time to be a great deal for me. First day we were headed to the pool and everyone was changing, We had adjoining rooms and her door was open, Kids running back and forth and she came through the door into our room with her bikini on and she was holding her top with her arm, She asked if I could fix her top.
I need to mention that my wife is 33, Short and has an average mom bod, Her sister is almost her identical twin but 14 years younger and was an accidental pregnancy but she got ALL the b*** genes in that family, She has no kids so she is slimmer and looks amazing, And like I said she got all the b**** so she is a solid DD up top which always makes my wife self aware of her small, saggy B's. So I go over to help with her top and it's all F'd up so I hand her a towel, She slides it over her big juggs and I take her top.
I get her top fixed but as I am her sister is just hanging out and not being even remotely careful, My wife and I both noticed a dozen times she would lean or bend and we were able to fully see her b****. She takes her top, Pulled it over her head and as she is bringing it down the towel slides down and gives me a full view and her b**** are absolutely perfect.
She goes back to her room, My wife scowls at me and I say "What?", She looks down at my erection in my trunks and I shrug saying "What do you want me to say?", She whispers "well... You could say my little sister doesn't make you h****", I shrugged and said "Well....", She just shakes her head and walks away.
All day I checked her sister out and before supper I again had a chance to see her topless, We went for supper and then her sister decided to take the kids for a walk, While gone me and the wife took the opportunity to have a little quality time and as I slide it in she says "Jeesus you're hard", I just smiled and winked and she stops and scowls and says "Don't f****** even", I intentionally didn't pay ANY attention to her b**** which she enjoys having played with but focused more on looking at her face, I tried to rush it and came fast giving a little extra moan and it was actually a huge load because it had been a while.
She looks at me and says "Seriously....Wow...So my little sister...My baby sister...14 years younger than me...Keep that in mind, You were 17 when she was born, She is what does it for you", I chuckled and said "Oh my goodness dear, I's just been a while", She shook her head and said "Wow....So not impressed right now". I had 3 more chances to see her sister topless and each time I made sure my wife knew how h**** I was and after going home we were getting down and she had a pushup bra on, I got her to leave it on and made sure to focus on the fact she had b**** and cleavage, Again she was not impressed.
I don't know why I enjoy p****** her off but she always gets over it.

Oct 20

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  • When we were in Reno we took a lady friend with us, she is actually a part time massage therapist so I get free massages sometimes, just legitimate stuff since she is my wife's girl friend so I don't dare try anything.
    Anyway, while there, she knocked on my door, she had a sleeveless blouse she wanted to wear and her armpits were shaggy (she is of Greek descent so very hairy).

    She asked me to shave her armpits, nothing I ever did before for any female, but I had my shaving kit so why not. I went to get my lather, came back and there she sat, t*** bare like it was nothing.
    So, I went ahead and shaved her, did a nice job, at one point when I was wiping her off with a towel she said it tickled. I spotted her nipples getting all crinkled up and realized she was fussed up some.
    Then I told her laughingly that she had very pretty t******, she looked up at me with a big smile and said Thank you.
    I can hardly wait until the next massage, I sort of think it's heading somewhere,

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