me and my boyfriend just got into a fight, he beat me up and left. it all happened because i was being nosey about who he was on the phone with, it wasnt a big deal but to him it was. he was on the phone with his 17yo friend who he smokes up with. hes such a f***** loser that hangs out with little boys at his little f***** alternative school.. we have a lil baby together and he doesnt do s*** to support him, only his habit. i also have a 4 yo, he treats him like s*** too but tries to act like he doesnt. he broke up with me a couple weeks ago just because he thought iwas bitchy. that little child minded b****** doesnt know s***. i guess hes just gonna get his way and act like a lil boy smokin his ganja all day ev day. he cant even get clean for a f***** job. i made sure to tell his grandparents ( the ones that spoil the s*** out of him) everything he tries to hide from them. they listened to me after i told them everything. iam glad they know. uhg my head f***** HURTS he slammed it against the wall alot just a bit ago i think he punched me in the head a few times too, kicked, thrown around by my hair and all that s*** i swear to f***** god hes out of me and my kids lives.. my 4yo is happy about that..oh and this all happened in front of my kids and then into the living room after i f***** begged him to stop that s*** in front of the kids. FOR F***** F**** SAKE I F***** HATE EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW. i have nothing. not even a f****** cig.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • great advice guys!!! ps: you guys are soo cool!

  • f*** rednecks. and f*** you. damn.

  • ^Brought to you by, well, damn they are right, the OP should be on Jerry.

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