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My husbands ex is a horrible person! She is a horrible mother to their daughter. She thinks becuase she removed my husband from their life that she is better than him. She walked away too. She let her parents rais this little girl for two years, then wanted to be a mother again. My husband finnaly got a lawyer & a court order for her to allow visitation & he is the bad guy for ruining their life. Now after knowing a guy for 2 months she married him and allowed the little girl to call the new guy daddy, even after my husband asked her not to. When my husbands bends over for her & tries to include her in the events we do, she spits in our face. She never answers the phone when he tries to talk with their daughter, says the lil girl never wants to talk,she wont make her do anything the lil girl doesnt want to do.When the lil girl cryies when we take her for the weekend, her mom says it becuase the lil girl doesnt like us.Well she doesnt like us becuase she has never known who or what a dad is.she is a monster!


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  • I'm facing the same issues with my great granddaughter. My stepson's new wife has cut her our of our life by getting the 5 year old girl to accuse me of molesting her, and she is now raising the kid. The kid's mother doesn't do much raising, she mostly left her with us all the time. Get the courts involved, but watch out for charges of molesting her. Put cameras up everywhere and keep videos of all her visits.

  • Not sure what the terms of the custody orders are, but if his ex is in violation of any of the terms, then the lawyer and judge need to be notified. I can understand you're just venting in this forum. But you can't control the ex..but what you can control is how you interact with the ex and just be the bigger person. Your husband and his ex have a child together..for good or bad, his ex is this child's mother. You have to respect that. Your role and the role of your husband is to be the best parents to this little girl that you can be, and shield her from any of this negativity. Never talk bad about her mom. Even though this woman is his ex, she is still manipulating your lives. Stop giving her that kind of control. Move on from this, let it go, the only person you can control is yourself. So just take some deep breaths and let it go.

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