Normalizing breastfeeding

I've breastfed all my kids as long as they wanted it. I also believe in breastfeeding on demand. That means if my kid wants num-num they walk up and pull my shirt up or down and get their drink. Its no different than if they want a drink out of the fridge. Why should I deprive them or make them wait. If I'm doing something where they can't get at my ** they just say num-num so we're not flaunting anything. But you can't believe the people who get worked into a lather over it. For chrissake. It's a **, it's a **, it's a lifeline, it's a milk sack, it's natural!

My first self-weaned at 3 year old, my second self-weaned at 4 1/2 but still comes back for more num-num sometimes but usually just when one of my other kids is on the breast. My third says he's gonna want num-num 'till he's 5 years old. And my last is just 3 months old so who knows.

But people better get used to it. It's natural and healthy for kids to drink breastmilk not cow's milk. We should be able to free the ** and just let our ** swing free when we have our babies and kids, and not keep them in bra torture devices. My friends and I feed each other's kids. It's really no big deal. It's nourishment, not perverted or a fantasy. All cultures have done it for centuries. What do you think women did before they had Wegman's to run to.

So all you women clutching your pearls you better start letting your old man play with your ** and maybe he'll stop drooling over mine when my kid needs to feed. Get over it, my kids gotta ** on my ** to live. Yea, it's a matter of life or death. But you probably deprived your kids.

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  • Amen sister. Breastfeeding is all that and a little more.

  • ** are mean for breastfeeding. I have breastfed all of my 4 children till past-3 yrs or so and always got ** soon after yearning for **. So I used to either ** or ask my hubby to ** me. Often I used to get overflown aching ** with milk and my hubby hubby used to relieve me.

  • There's nothing wrong with getting ** after breastfeeding. Human get ** at all kind of appropriate and inappropriate times. As long as your kids young enough it's okay to ** or ** while they're feeding just not when they're old enough to watch or ask what's up. So in the first year you don't need to wait until they're finished to get your sexual relief. People need to get over that breastfeeding is natural and most kids don't even care if women are breastfeeding other kids. It's not sexual to them. It's only sexual to the pervs and prudes. But I don't care who watches. I can be in a park or the supermarket and if my babies need num-num they get it. The kids are pulling your ** out to get excited themselves or get you aroused. They're pulling your ** out because they're thirsty or want to make sure it's there. Not a big deal folks, get back to your regular programming and stop telling me what to do. Especially when I have doctors and experts on my side.

  • The best ** I ever had was when I was nursing.

    I loved riding my husband and expressing milk as I rode him. Trying to aim for his mouth.

    It was so **

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