Prom night secret

When i was 18 I did something so crazy I never told anyone about it. Not my best friend, sister, husband, NO ONE ever! I won't give my exact age but lets just say good 20 years has went by.
I semi dated a boy from another school We lived about 30 minutes apart and he asked me to his senior prom. I was surprised when he showed up in a limo to pick me up. But JESUS CHRIST the limo driver was gorgeous! He was like late 20's maybe 30 with long blonde hair and looked like Fabio! I couldn't help but stare when he opened the door for me.
We did the usual prom things. Pictures, the dance then dinner. After dinner we got back in the limo. My boyfriend rolled up the divider and started trying to have s** with me. I told him no way, not in a car with someone else there. He kept trying and i kept saying no. We were startled by the driver knocking on the divider. He asked for a favor and requested to switch the drop off and let my boyfriend out first because he live closer to my area. Since my boyfriend knew he wasn't getting any he agreed.
After dropping him off we got on the road. The guys started chatting with me and I could see he was checking me out in the rear view mirror. He flirted some telling me I looked nice in my dress. Then he gave a cheezy line and I fell for it hook, line and sinker. He joked that it is customary for female passengers to tip the driver with a "peek". I was so flattered, excited, whatever i was shaking. I was wearing a tiny, short, black dress with no bra. I didn't quite need one I wasn't exactly give Pam Anderson any competition. But I did have a very perky B size chest. I don't know what gave me the courage but i pulled the straps over my shoulders and pulled the dress down to my waist. I began touching my t*** and pinching my nipples as he watched in the mirror. I nearly jumped out of my skin when he spoke up and asked if I was in any hurry to get home. When I said "no" he pulled into the nearest parking lot. He turned around and began watching me directly. He kept glancing down at my lower half so finally I pulled my skirt up a bit so he could see my tiny black panties. I have to admit he was polite. He actually asked if it was "OK" if he joined me in the back. I gave him the green light and he moved to the back with me. We began kissing at first but it quickly went further. In a minute he was sitting beside me with his pants around his ankles. I pulled my skirt up above my hips and straddled him. As we made out I could feel his b**** poking me. I reached down and pulled my panties to the side. As we made out I wiggled around until the tip of his c*** found my sweet spot! I started moving my hips up and down as I slowly worked him inside me. I had never felt anything like it. We made out and he played with my nipples and I rode him. Again I guess he was trying to be polite, he actually tried to push me off him when he was ready to c**! I just held him tighter as he unloaded in me. I stayed on him, moving slowly as I milked every drop.
As we kissed I realized something. He was still HARD! I guess it had been awhile since he had any teenage p**** but he didn't go soft. He rolled me over onto my back and began f****** me again. He stopped for just a second and pulled out long enough to peel my panties off. This time there was no making out, he grabbed my ankles and pushed then back past my head. This time it was just pure f******! After he got off again we were both sweaty and breathing like we had ran a mile. We sat in the seat for a few minute before we dressed. I was a mess!
He drove me home, dropped me off and thanked me for the "tip". As he drove away I realized i didn't even know his name! I never told anyone.

Oct 28

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  • I did something in the 1980's that no one I know ever found out. Thank God it was before facebook and cell phones with cameras. I was visiting my older sister who lived an hour away. I was bored while she was at work. I walked over to the high school grounds and found a bunch of guys playing football. I sat on the bleachers and watched. To shorten the story there was flirting, liquor and touch football which was only an excuse for the guys to grope me. After most of the guys left it was down to 3 guys and me. Th e lead guy said nobody get in my car until they clean up. We all walked into a small building. It was the workout spot for the players. Weights, equipment, bathroom and showers. An open shower room for guys. Before I got the words "where do I go" out of my mouth the guys were striipping down and I found myself staring at 3 naked boys. As the walked past me and started the water one guy said "don't be shy". So I stripped down and got under the water. Like it was a surprise but the guys immediately volunteered to soap me up. 2 of the boys f***** me and the 3rd got off in my mouth as he was waiting his turn. After they dropped me off I was relieved that I never even gave them my name. A week later me and a bunch of girls were standing in the hallway at school when one of them spoke up and said "did you hear? A girl from our school did a g******* with the football team at (insert high school name)! Apparently by the time it got back to our school the legend grew from 3 guys to the whole football team. It was gossip at the school for weeks and I was scared to death they would find out it was me. But no one did. From then on I had to make excuses to skip any game or function that involved that school.

  • My secret is a little darker. I was raped. I am a little chubby and have a large behind. One night after a backyard pool party and BBQ my husband was very intoxicated and passed out in the bedroom. Everyone left except his best friend who was helping me clean up. I was still wearing my bikini but had a t-shirt on over it. I had me back to him as we were working and he suddenly grabbed my ass. When I spun around he pinned me against the counter and told me that he has always wanted to see my ass. I tried to fight him off but he pulled me to the floor and held me face down. He pulled my bikini bottoms down and f***** me in the ass. I wasn't prepared for a*** s** and he wasn't exactly gentle. When he finished he got up and walked out, leaving me just laying in the floor. My ass hurt for days!
    I never told anyone about it.

  • Sorry you had to endure that. Why haven’t you told anyone? That man raped & sodomized you. He should be arrested so he won’t do that to anyone else. Your husband will understand
    You did not deserve that & was not your fault. That guy is evil

  • Have you had s** with your husband’s friend again?

  • No, and I avoided him from that point on.

  • I guess I can be the first guy to confess a secret. I got my sister pregnant and she recently had my child.
    We are only one year apart in age. As teens we had s** a few times. It felt natural and we enjoyed it. Although we went to the same college we dated, had relationships and nothing happened for many years.
    After college she took a job in a bordering state roughly three hours away. We saw each other on holidays and family vacations.
    Well last Christmas she spent the week at my parents house. One evening we went out for a few drinks, one thing led to another and we went back to my place and had s**. She called me a couple of months later and informed me of the pregnancy. She didn't believe in abortion so she kept the baby. She gave my parents some BS story about the father not wanting anything to do with it. So we are in a position of having to keep the secret.

  • Not a prom night, wedding or for God sake not my mother. Early in our marriage my husband got a pretty good job. He had the college degree and I waited tables. Well he messed up and lost a chunk of money in a clients account. I remember his boss sent him home on Wednesday afternoon and told him to check back Friday morning and see if he would be let go.
    We needed the money. I had met his boss at the office Christmas party and found him to be very flirty. On Thursday morning I went to his office dressed a little sexy but no too much. I spoke to his boss and hinted I really wanted my husband to keep his job. He took the bait and with a little negotiation he gave me the assurance that my husbands job would be safe if I would do what he wanted. He handed me a hundred dollar bill and told me to go to this little sleazy motel, get a room then text him the room number. I did as I was told. He showed up at the room an hour after me.
    We had s**. I did anything he wanted, and lets just say he didn't waste the opportunity. On Friday my husband was put on "probation" but kept the job.
    I never told my husband what i did.

  • What a wonderful wife. He is lucky to have you

  • I did something similar.
    I was 20 years old and worked at a convince store. My husband was 22 and just started with a construction company making great money. With his first two paychecks we were able to finally get caught up and things were looking good.
    It was December 2008, and this construction company was about to do a big lad-off. My husband had only been with the company a few weeks and we were both in fear he’d loose his job. While my husband was in the shower, I got his foreman’s phone number and began messaging him. I told him I would be willing to do anything so my husband could keep his job. We messaged for a long time and he admitted he was limited on the decision. The economy was bad and this lay-off could get his job too. I asked who had the final say. He told me the Project Manager. A few days later, I met the foreman at his house and we had s**.
    He agreed to have the Project Manager meet me at the foreman’s house the next day and I had s** with him. Project Manager guy refused to wear a condom and expected more. I gave him my best performance, allowed him to do a*** and he left with a smile.
    My husband and his foreman never got furloughed and my husband never found out.

  • What a wonderful wife

  • I can top all of you and I dare you to try! When my mother was elderly, as an only child I became her caretaker. In the daily routine of cleaning and taking care of her home I found a box of VHS tapes. OK, for those of you kids, VHS is an ancient way of making videos.
    One day I was bored and put on in the VCR. I wish I hadn't and I wish I could erase my memory. At first it looked like a badly shot p*** move. But I quickly realized it was my mother (very much younger) having s** with my dad and my uncle. YES, MY UNCLE, HER BROTHER! I shut it off. When I told my husband, the pervert he is, he apparently watched several if not all of them. he told me my parents were apparently swingers. Besides my uncle, other men, women and couples were involved.
    I destroyed the tapes and kept the secret. My husband knows better than to blab.

  • My senior year of high school I had a summer long affair with a friends dad. We both never said anything for obvious reasons.
    He made the first move, and when he touched me I thought ICK, he's my dads age! I imagined my dad naked (BAD THOUGHT! MAKE IT GO AWAY)!!!. He panicked when I rejected him. I stayed away from my friends house for a few weeks. When I came back he seemed very relieved I had not told anyone, especially my dad who would have KILLED HIM!
    I give the old dude his due, he didn't give up. Every chance he got he felt me up or tried to kiss me. One day he picked me and his daughter up from a ball game. Their house was closest so he dropped her off and then took me home. Of course he took the long route and I kept fight his hands away. I guess he got frustrated so he pulled over in an isolated spot. I don't know what made me do it but I stopped fighting him off. And I was very glad I did. JESUS he nearly humped me into a coma! He wasn't that much bigger than the teen boys I had been with but he just kept going! Over the summer we planned and met every chance we got anywhere we could get alone.
    We, or at least "I" never told anyone.

  • It wasn't prom but I do have a secret I have kept for ten years. Before I met my husband I dated a guy, actually lived with him for a short time. We fought constantly and were only together for a few months. But... God the s** was amazing! When we weren't fighting we were electric together. He had a XXL p**** and was ultra kinky. The things we did still get me hot!
    Two days before the wedding he called out of the blue in the afternoon, maybe 2pm. We hadn't spoken in over a year but he said he was close to my home. I told him I was at the church checking on the kitchen, changing area and getting ready for a rehearsal at 6pm. I gave him the green light to stop by and drop off the gift. I figured the church would be a 'safe space" to meet him.
    Boy did I s**** up. He walked into the dressing room and shut the door. We barely spoke before he pushed me against the wall and kissed me. EVERYTHING flooded back! In seconds I was naked, on my knees and sucking his amazing c***, IN THE CHURCH!!!
    He pulled me up and gave me a look without speaking a word. I knew this look and something was up. He looked over at my wedding dress hanging on the wall. I put on the dress and it put him over the top. He bent me over a desk, threw the gown up and f***** me like I remembered! It was so good! He even took a few minutes to give my ass some attention. He is the only guy I EVER allowed to have that. When he finished and pulled out I felt like a rag doll and he told me to "stay there". He took his camera and took a couple of souvenir pictures. My ass bent over a desk in a wedding dress. Not to mention the close up of his c** dripping from my p****. I checked them of course to make sure my face was out of them.
    I had to make it through my wedding rehearsal with my ex boyfriends c** still inside me. And expecting lightning bolts to strike me down for having s** in the church!
    He didn't even give me a real gift...

  • That's a great story! Thanks for posting it!
    This is the first time I've ever commented because I had a similar experience at my prom......26yrs ago....
    Long story but my boyfriend/date and the only guy I'd been with got in a fight and the cops took him home. BTW: He's my husband now and does not know about this.
    Mr. A, the assistant principal/football coach was mid-40s but sexy as h***. We all knew he'd just went through a bad divorce because his wife was cheating with one of her co-workers.
    Things were so crazy that night and I didn't want to go to my friend's prom party.
    Instead of calling my parents, he offered to take me home.
    Well, we kinda stopped at his place first.
    I don't want anyone to think bad of the guy because I initiated it. It was my senior prom night and very h****.
    OK I'll say it, what girl want's to look back and say they DID NOT have s** on prom night?
    Mr. A was a little reluctant but after I started giving him road head, I could tell he wasn't taking me home. lol
    That was the best s** I'd experienced up to that point! He made me gush so many times!
    It was the first time I had a climax that made my entire body shiver and go numb!! I was so embarrassed because his bed sheets were soaking wet because of me.
    He was polite afterward and I could tell a little nervous. I assured him that no one will ever find out. Looking back, he could have gotten in big trouble.
    Things were not awkward between us the last days of the school year.
    After 26 years, I'm positive no one found out.
    I have no regrets for my actions either.
    Actually, I have one regret. I wish I'd hooked up with him a few more times. lol
    If I can figure out how to do it, I'd like to post this as a stand alone story.

  • I understand and applaud your honesty.

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