The park

I am a 17 year old typical h**** boy. I have always had a very vivid sexual imagination. I am average to skinny, not a jock type so I don't hang with the cool kids. Some dating but not much luck with girls. A few months ago I started walking or taking my bike to and from school. The reason for that is to visit "the park". On my way there is a small park with restrooms. It is a well known spot for gay guys to hook up. I am not gay but I am very open to trying anything.
My first time there I was nervous. As you can imagine at my age the older guys there quickly gave me attention. A guy walked over to me and started rubbing my crotch. When I unzipped he got on his knees and sucked me off. I go there a couple of times a week now, sometimes to get a b******, sometimes to give b*******. One day after school I was in one of the bathroom stalls in a seated position. Guys were hanging out and coming in one at a time to get serviced. i could see 4 or 5 pairs of feet outside the stall and the guys were chatting, mostly about me. After I finished guy number 2 he walked out. Seconds later the door opened and I got a big surprise. My science teacher was standing there looking at me! He shut the door and ran out. I was so shook up I packed it in and left also. I was scared my secret was out, but then I figured he didn't want to be outed either. The next day I stayed for a minute after class. He apologized and tried to make an excuse for being there. I let him know it was OK and told him he should make another visit there, maybe after school. That day I was nervous, like it was my first time there. As I waited I turned down several guys who approached me. Then finally he walked in. We walked into a stall, shut the door and i sucked his c***. It was so hot!

Oct 29

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  • Mmmm 51yo guy here and oh yes I love going b**** deep in a hot young guys tight butt. Having 2 gay boys in my class when I was teaching was heaven.

  • I look for older retired men in the park. They are gentler and well off but lonely. Many have erection problem. I get friendly with them and go to their place to give them good bj. They are generous and I don't have to worry about money!

  • Would you. Suck me of

  • I am a 53 year old male and I love younger guys!

  • You should suck lots of boys of I'd love it to get sucked of you should suck boys of after school I wear girls knickers suck lots of boys of there are so many boys like me who want to be sucked of

  • Oh that a nice. You suck boys of I want a Boy to ask me if he can suck me of I would love to be sucked of

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