Life should't be random.

After left my girlfriend (because I think I needed a 180º change in my life) I crash in another "relationship" with another girl, but I don't want her to love her. It's just fun, but I think that she didn't reallyze that, she need more & more from me. And I cann't give her what she wants, I'm no ready to do that, at least, not with her.

My brain, my heart, my soul are broken. I don't have nothing to live for.

For the last two weeks I start to see a psychiatrist and she told me to review my life. "How do you get to this?", "Why do you feel that you did somthing wrong?", "Why are you so sure that you make a mistake?"

Well.. I don't know. But I'm scared. I crash with nightmare dreams, giving me a whole new picture of how my life was. And I like it, but, all the dream involve my ex-girl.
My psychiatrist advise me to see her and talk with her about that, but don't mention the dreams and stuff like that.

I don't know what to do.

Jul 8, 2010

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