The lady at the bar

The year was 2007. I had just turned 20 and I met a lady at a bar one evening. Her name was Juanita. She was a few months away from turning 40, was a mother to 2 children and was in the 18th year of her marriage to her husband Bob.

Her marriage had hit a rocky patch and she was out blowing off some steam. We struck up a conversation, things snowballed. We ended up in a hotel and I ** her like a rabbit.

She left before I woke up the next morning. I didn't have her number or even her last name and so ife just went on. Until our lives collided again 5 years later.

A friend, Nicholas, who I had became acquainted with in recent years invited me to his 21st birthday. I was shocked to see Juanita at the party but quickly learned that she was Nicholas mom.

My night with Juanita was on my mind over the next few days as I avoided ant contact with Nicholas. Unexpectedly Juanita called me, she got my number of her sons phone.

She asked me to come over to their home that evening. Juanita was home alone. She was anxious that I would let out her secret but after discussing with her she knew that I would never do that.

Juanita then revealed to me that she suspected that her youngest child was actually conceived by us the night we spent together. We both got swept up into a moment and I ended up in her bedroom ** like rabbits.

Next Confession

Wife friend

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