Spring break

My boyfriend and I were in New Orleans for spring break and he got me really drunk and when the beads started flying he'd tell me to flash my t***. Then if I tried to pull my shirt back down too fast he'd hold it up and tell guys to suck my t***. Then my boyfriend took off my shirt and when the guys swarmed around me he kept saying black dudes first and all these black guys were sucking on my t***. Someone from a balcony said I'll throw you more beads if you take off your shorts. The boyfriend said do it. So I took off my shorts and this one black dude picked up my legs while another one lifted the upper part of my body and soon I had black dudes eating my p**** and sucking my t***. At one point the white dudes didn't even try they all just stood watching and they all had their iphones out. I had black dudes' mouths on my face, t*** and my p**** when I suddenly felt a finger going in my butt. When I finally got on my feet again my boyfriend was nowhere to be found. So I had to try and make it back to our room and I had no clothes. Nobody would loan me a shirt or anything they just laughed. When I got back to the room I didn't have a key and the boyfriend wasn't back yet. I curled up in the hallway and the last thing I remember is some dude f****** me. My boyfriend came back and we just crashed. Now there's pictures and video of me all over the internet with black dudes all over me and then a couple white guys f****** me and forcing their d**** in my mouth in the hotel hallway. When my boyfriend saw that he broke up with me even though he's the one that caused it. I'm so embarrassed now. My brother found a couple and showed them to my parents and they're just furious with me especially since my dad's a card-carrying racist. He's outraged by the black guys sucking all over me more than even the white guys f****** me passed out in the hallway.

Nov 3

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  • My wife kept flashing guys and letting them take pictures of her....she was smart enough to pull her shirt up to cover her face.

  • My boyfriend and I went to a music festival. As the day wore on, people were high and drunk and my boyfriend came up with the idea to take my top off and tie it around my head as a blindfold. Then he took my belt off and put it around my neck as a collar and some strangers's belt as a leash and led me around. I must have had a million gropes, squeezes, pinches, pulls, licking and sucking on my boobies. And just because my shorts were still on didn't stop people from feeling my p**** and slipping fingers and hands inside my shorts, p**** and ass too. That was about 15+ years or so ago, my boyfriend is now my husband and we have kids but we still get pretty h**** and have amazing s** when we recall that day. I'll never experience anything like that again. It's an incredible feeling to be helpless and having all that arousing contact. My boyfriend stayed calm so I knew nothing horrible was happening and everyone was pretty chill in the festival atmosphere.

  • Spring break adventures might be fun as h*** at the time, but sometimes don't end well in the long run.
    Two years ago myself and three of my best friends went to Daytona for spring break. One hotel room and two twin beds and four partying high school senior girls.
    We spent most of the day on the beach, then a deck bar. We met a group of six college boys. We took them back to the hotel room and had an all out s** party. Oh God the things we did! Us girls even ended up (much to the joy of the boys) having s** with each other.
    Problem is, that in our drunken h**** state, EVERYONE in the room had out their cell phones recording everything. The videos ended up all over the internet. All I can say is that at least I was hot...

  • I sorry to hear you were forced to do something while unconscious. I had a similar experience 6 years ago in my college days but mine was consensual.

    I stayed at a beach house for a few weeks with my boyfriend and his friends Jeff, Ryan, Philip & David.
    On the second night, I’d just finished the dishes and everyone went outside to drink and play poker. I was in the middle of running refills and feeling buzzed. btw I’d already had a few White Claws had smoked a few joints during the day. Long story but my bf got really drunk. I was wearing a bikini when Ryan asked for a lap dance and my bf insisted. I was grinding Ryan and felt his huge h******. Everyone was cheering and my bf nuked a whiskey bottle and untied my top. Jeff and asked for a lap dance and I gave him one. Jeff was rubbing my b****** and I noticed my bf was stumbling around. David and Ryan took him inside and he passed out. David said, “Now we can have so real fun.” He took off his shorts and sat in a chair. I took off my bottoms, gave him head and we had s**. Each one took a turn and it was late when I crashed. My bf found out the next morning and the details during s**.
    After that, I had s** with anyone that asked. No one used a condom. I went into total yeast mode afterward and had to get treated.
    I broke up with my bf a year later. I was ready to settle but he bought a drone to race and joined an online gaming site.

  • Honey,

    I’m glad you broke up with your boyfriend

    But saddened that you did not get to enjoy some of those BBCs. As an experienced woman I can tell you that you missed out. There is nothing better than a huge black c*** stretching you out.

  • Ehhhh so they raped you and your clown boyfriend took off?

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