My freshman year

I was bad when I was younger.
My mom ran off when I was 5 leaving my dad to raise me and my 8 month brother.

I went to public school till 8th grade but I kept sneaking off with guys so dad enrolled me in a strict private high school.

Early my freshman year, I was invited to a pool party. At first my dad was reluctant but after some whining and begging because he’d put me in a new school, he caved. I also told him there would only be a few girls, NO GUYS! and plenty of parents. Lie #1, Lie #2 & Lie #3.

At the party, there was plenty of alcohol. I had a few drinks with a popular senior guy and was feeling buzzed. He gave me an ecstasy and went to a vacant bedroom. I gave him oral and we began having s**. He was on top, sweating and grunting when we heard a loud banging on the door AND his girlfriend’s voice. She was screaming at us but he continued till he finished. She was standing outside the door making a scene! I was asked to leave but didn’t have a ride.

I noticed a group of guys getting in a car so I asked for a ride. Along the way, one of the guys pulled out a bag of joints and said they were leaving because they wouldn’t let them light up there and said I could join them. I’d never smoked pot before so I told them no one was home and we can in my backyard.

My dad used to work the midnight shift at a warehouse while my brother stayed with my aunt. After a few hits, I one guy pulled out his p**** and I started sucking it while the other guy was rubbing my butt and b******. I took off my shorts and got on the guy I was sucking.
He finished and handed me off to the next guy. I took a couple more hits and began sucking the third guy. I was very relaxed when we began having s**.

This is when things got crazy.
The backyard light came on and there were flashlights everywhere. My dad was screaming at the guys a cop them lined up against the house.

I was buzzed but not totally wasted. The officer was interrogating the guy pretty hard I was having s** with. I told my dad and the officer it was consensual and the guy did nothing wrong. ID’s were checked, one guy was 16 and the other two were 17. No one was over 18. Thankfully everyone calmed down.

Since there was definite evidence of underage drinking and pot smoking my dad agreed they could call their parents for a police lecture and pickup.

My head was about to explode the next morning! After a long shower, it was punishment time.
My dad gave me the ‘I’m disappointed with you’ and this time it worked.
I got the ‘I wish I had never see you like that. You’re body is special and you need to treat it like that……’

It was the first conversation that he talked to me like an adult. He explained how hard he had been working and all the sacrifices he’s been going through so the three of us could live in a nice house with a yard. I was of age and he was hoping I was responsible enough to help with my brother soon because he had leaned on my aunt too much with us over the years.

My punishment was I got grounded for the rest of my high school years. I had to come home after school help my brother with homework. It worked out because the girl that caught me with her boyfriend had my school life h***.

Dad told me the nosey neighbor next door was taking her trash out and smelt pot smoke. She peeked through the fence and see me with a group of guys. She called dad at work and on the way home he seen a police car at a gas station and asked him follow.

At first dad thought I only had s** with the one guy until the nosey neighbor came over later to get the story. I never forget her saying to day, “I feel bad you had to leave work early Mr. _____ I’m glad ____ is OK, I thought I smelt marijuana smoke so I looked through the fence and seen ____ having s** with all those boys and I thought you would want to know."

Before that, dad had only made me do an OTC pregnancy test. After she left, I got scheduled to visit my OB-GYN for a full exam including STD testing.

Nov 3

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  • Never smoked pot but took ecstasy ..... ooook then

  • Wow! Those were the days. Enjoy. Nothing better than young sexual encounters except maybe being middle aged and having the occasional opportunity to grant a young man in his 20’s or late teens the opportunity to gain some experience

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