Several articles lately about the whole black owned thing. It isn't the sexual Olympics for crying out loud. These writers are glorifying violent s** and subservient fantasies. There isn't much future in it. Is he going to pay for your nursing home some day? Are the kids going to have someone paying for adult vocations and schooling? In a purely physical attraction and power fantasy do you see a place for yourself when you are 40, 50, 60..........? I believe in your right to do what you want to do. I'm just an older person who knows what the future does to people. Forget the momentary thrill and work on more secure happiness for the future. By the way? Has he offered you an elder care plan, an annuity, insurance, etc? I think they call us old farts because life can kind of stink when you haven't looked at the much bigger picture. I know I'll get clobbered with negative comments, but I don't care. In fact, I almost look forward to the laughter I'll get from them.

Nov 3

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  • I really don’t understand the whole idea also. I see it in mostly white people, why???

  • Well i don't think anyone in these situation are asking for dental and a 401K. I am a 32 year old white female and I have a black master. I have a family and a life so my play with him is limited and kept away from me regular life.
    Every 2 weeks I go to his house straight from work on Friday evening and stay until Sunday evening. I am not allowed to wear clothes at his house and for 2 days I am there to serve in any way he wants. He has a large group of friends and the house is full of guys all weekend. I do trains, g********, one/one. Usually on a weekend I will have s** with 10 or more guys. I absolutely love being treated like that. But on Sunday evening when I get dressed I return to the normal world as if nothing happened. Only my husband knows.

  • You lucky lady.

    Are those other guys equipped with BBC’s. I bet you prefer the weekends at your masters over home with the hubby.

    I know that after I got the pleasure of being stretched out by a BBC I really don’t enjoy s** with my husband.

    A lady needs girth!

  • It's all fake! Fantasy bull shitt! Don't get out of wack from the losers that write that!

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