I was an amateur stripper for one day.

All the young folks won't think much of this but times have changed a lot. This was many years ago, in the 70's. I was 17, had my fake ID and was dating a 'bad boy' that did way too many drugs, drank too much, cheated on me and was mean to me, and I always took him back. He was also 24 and very immature.

We lived in Baltimore, which had a famous street called The Block that had a ton of strip joints. They were not respectable or fun; they were actually kind of sleazy. Very old fashioned strip joints so you had women stripping with not a lot of imagination. Evidently it had it's glory days but they had long since ended by the 70s. And we hadn't gotten to the grand shows and amazing acrobatics that girls do now. The clientele was not a lively partying bunch; it was more like something you'd imagine in an old movie. Just a bunch of old men and sleazy characters with a few too many drinks.

So my boyfriend took me down there, I think it was for my birthday if I remember right. We sat in one bar and watch while three girls were stripping. If I remember right they weren't allowed to be completely nude.

There were about 10 or 15 old drunk men and my boyfriend and myself. My boyfriend went to talk to the manager or owner or whatever he was and when he came back he said that he wanted me to strip for him and the manager said I could. I was mortified at the thought, good girls didn't do stuff like that then!

With how drunk my boyfriend was getting and the couple beers I had, he finally forced me to do it. I was dressed in normal clothes, nothing crazy sexy, just jeans and a top, bra and panties. (btw, the manager didn't even ask how old I was nor did he seem to care and while I didn't look like a child, I sure looked my age)

So he tells me to get up there on the stage. One of the strippers told me to just dance, take off my top, dance and take off my jeans and I could flash my b**** and my bottom half but not to take my bra or panties completely off. Two of the strippers stayed on stage and the stripper that talked to me sat with my boyfriend getting him to buy her drinks. The old men sitting in there moved closer to the end of the bar near where I was.

The music started and I started dancing. I didn't take anything off thinking my boyfriend would get bored of the whole thing or maybe he wasn't even serious about me doing it but then he starts yelling for me to take off my top and throw it at him and I did. Then he told me to take off my jeans and throw them to him and I did and I just kept dancing in my bra and panties. Nothing fancy just lacy things.

The stripper started calling to me to flash my t***. It took awhile before I had my nerve but finally I unhooked the front and just opened the bra real quick. The men complained they didn't see anything and my boyfriend told me to step it up and be super sexy or he'd get angry with me.

So I was dancing and pulling my bra open or pulling it up to the music. The stripper told me to take off my bra and I said I can't! I knew it wasn't allowed but she said they didn't care and then my boyfriend got started ordering me to take it off and shake my t*** around. So I finally took it off and danced more. The men in the bar looked like they'd never seen t*** before but I kept dancing feeling sick to my stomach.

The manager was standing by the entrance and watching me. Then I see him welcome a couple more men in and they were cops! I was freaking out! After talking to the police, the owner said for me to keep going, the cops didn't care what I did.

My boyfriend said he wanted to see me shaking my p**** for the men in the bar and a couple of the men were waving dollar bills. I was handed another beer and drank it down and started dancing again, then I was taking my panties down and just watching the cops just waiting for them to run up with handcuffs and take me away but they just watched.

I'd never felt so mortified in my life. When the song ended, my boyfriend wouldn't hand me my clothes back and I had to get off the stage and walk past the men that had been watching. They each had me stop to look at me and a couple gave me dollars and one man asked how old I was and when I said 17, he offered me $1000 to go to a hotel room with him. I can't even imagine what he had in mind.

I finally made it back over to my boyfriend and I see that the stripper is giving him a b****** and the owner walked over to me, avoided seeing what the stripper was doing to my boyfriend, and asked me if I had ever thought of dancing professionally. I said no, not at all. I was only doing this because my boyfriend said to.

He was this sleazy old guy and he tried to kiss me, sticking his tongue in my mouth. Then he started telling me how much money I'd make being cute, young and new. He was holding my t*** and telling me they were perfect. He bent his greasy head down and was licking them. I thought I'd throw up.

He tried to stick a finger in my p**** but I wiggled away. He was so gross. Finally my boyfriend notices what he's doing and the one time I'm happy he's a crazy drunk, he jumps up and is threatening to beat the s*** out of the manager. Then the cops came over. I was grabbing my clothes and trying to get them on as soon as possible. But the cops were busy trying to contain him.

The cops asked the manager if he wanted them to take him and the manager said no, he was drunk and I was his girlfriend, he got it and we were leaving anyway. Before the manager let me get by him, he put his hand up under my shirt and was squeezing my t*** and told me to think about the dancing "career" and tried to kiss me again. I thought my boyfriend would go ballistic and the cops escorted us out.

It was a weird experience, so many emotions and now it was so long ago it's just surreal and unbelievable. Oh, and I stayed with my boyfriend off and on for about ten years, we had one kid together. Yea, I Was a mother when I did that. He was a terrible father. We finally drifted apart and he was just drunk all the time and I've mostly had a miserable life.

but that's my confession.

Nov 6

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  • There was a strip club I had to pass on my way to and from school every day. We used to joke about it but as soon as I became aware of it I wanted to go in someday. I didn't have a fake ID so I had to wait until I was actually 18.

    My first surprise was that it wasn't a full nude place. It served alcohol so it was topless only. I loved my b****** so I was very happy and eager to let them air out there.

    My second surprise was how many of the men that already knew me. I had to give up on using my stage name because a new guy would show up and out me as soon as he recognized me.

    When I went off to college I realized that I got tipped better by the men that knew me back home then the strangers that I was dealing with now. I made even better tips at full nude juice bars. I have to admit, it doesn't really feel like stripping unless it ALL comes off.

    They say stripping is a gateway to other worse stuff. It was for me. I didn't get into drugs but I did get into prostitution. I'm sorry but all that stripping and flirting got me aroused as well. My first brush with the law got me to quit stripping... and to become an escort. I did that but basically only went out with guys I kept in touch with from my stripping days.

    I gave all that up after I got married

  • Will you dance for me? And still around baltimore? Email me kew@mail.com

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