My boyfriend likes diapers.

I'm 23 years old female and my boyfriend is 23 as well. We meet in a online dating site 3 years ago. We been together 2 years and 4 months till the day of today. Let me tell. you dont feel bad we are all different and no body is perfect. For my boyfriend it took him a year to be honest with me. I was impressed you know it was something totally different of how I am and what I normally like. How that happened. Well let me tell you like more than a year I was in his phone and I went to him pics I saw a video of a girl wearing a diaper and he pee n it and I really supposed and I asked my self many time what The F is this. Is he a pervert ? Does he like babies in that way ? What am I supposed to do if I get pregnant and he is the father of my baby? I asked my self many questions for a week I think. So after that one day I went to his phone again and I saw a different one and he was sitting next to me and I saw him and asked him what was that video and his face turned red and he took the phone away from me and he saw me thay I didn't like that so he just asked me to listen to him. We set on the bed and he confessed me that he likes to watch that kind of p*** I was extremely impressed and he told me that he felt ashamed and after seeing him so serious and ashamed I started asking him questions. How that happened? Since when ? And why? ! He answered all my questions so honestly. After that I started to make a bit fun of it but not to make him feel bad but to make it feel more comfortable. I loved him a lot and now way more. Maybe it was his honesty but after that I feel I'm so in love with him till the day of today.
The only thing that I can tell you is just wait for the right moment. Wait till you feel and see she is in love with you. Because otherwise it will be really hard for you to continue your relationship. Being honest is important but with something that is maybe hard for someone to understand just wait for the right day. I know of she really loves you she will understand and join you like I did with my boyfriend. Is not that after a year I love wearing diaper for him but is more like I respect him and I accepted the fact that he like diaper. (I just like wearing them on my period days is comfortable at night and guess what ? We have the best s** life ever. I know what he likes and he knows what I like ?


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  • Its good that you grew to understand your bf.
    Many of both sexes have a fetish.
    Some males like to dress up in sexy girls clothes and underwear.
    Hope more become more understanding like you.

  • An interesting story. Well people like all kinds of things I guess.

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