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When I was in school I had one lecture class that was incredibly boring. The professor was kind of young and to amuse myself, I started flashing my t*** at him, then I started keeping my t** out and would pinch my nipples and lick my lips. It was fun to see how he would try to avoid looking but he couldn't help himself. Then I began wearing skirts with no panties and I'd spread my legs and rub my c***. I bought a butt plug with rhinestones on it and I got up during class and turned and bent down to get something out of my purse. WhenI turned back around and sat down, he was absolutely speechless. It took everything in my willpower not to laugh. At the end of class, he asked me to stay, he needed to talk to me. I said I couldn't, didn't have time and he reluctantly asked me to come by when he had office hours. When I got there the next day and went into his office, I started to shut the door behind me and he said no, you can't do that, leave it open. I replied that oh yes, I could do that and I shut the door. I sat down on a chair and pulled my legs up, spreading them open with my p**** exposed. He was trying to talk but I was fingering myself and reacting to how it felt, clearly not paying attention. He said, you must stop doing what you're doing in lecture hall and I asked him why. He said because you just can't do that. I pull up my shirt and played with my nipple before pulling it up enough to lick the tip and said you mean I can't do that? And he said yes because as much as I don't want to, I'll have to report it. I stood up and went face to face with him and begged him not to do that, I need that class to graduate, I tried to bring tears to my eyes...... while my t*** were still out and I was pulling my nipples. He just said well just stop, stop now and stop in class. I never touched him but I did a sexy little wiggle and dance, pinching my nipples. I kept doing my thing during his classes and he never had the nerve to do anything and it never went further but he was definitely getting hard ons on a regular basis that was amusing. The following semester, I'd make a point of walking past his office or his lecture hall and I'd always make a point of flashing him. He just continued to be flabbergasted. I loved the realization that I had the power in that.

Nov 8

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  • And no one else saw that you had your t*** out in a class go of people??

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