So that happened

Last night my wife had a friend over, They were drinking heavily and we ended up having a three way, 21 years of marriage and it finally happened, I am 45, My wife 43 and her friend 44. They went to college together, Went separate directions but always stayed close friends and we would visit her often, My wife was her maid of honor and I got along good with her ex when they were together, 10 years of being on and off single and she is currently in a half assed relationship but they were talking and I wasn't really paying attention until the conversation turned to s**.
Then my ears perked up a bit but I pretended not to be listening as they laughed and recounted their college years, My wife had told me most of her hijinx from those days since we basically met in her last symester of college, Then my wife leaned in and sort of whispered but I fully heard her say "Did you and Courtney hook up", I dialed in on her response and she just giggled, My wife said "I knew it" and her friend shrugged and they both laughed, Her friend said "Meh, Whatever, It was college", Then she asked my wife "So...You seriously never?, Not even once?", My wife shook her head no and her friend said "Not even when you...With D and that guy", My wife said "Ok, Ok, We kissed and touched but it never went past that, Basically all above the waist stuff between me and her".
This whole conversation had me quite interested and I joined in, the conversation switched to size and the biggest each had been with, My wife admitted I was her biggest and her friend slapped my knee and said "Nice, Are you circumsized?", I said "Yeah" and my wife piped up and said "Whip it out", I pretended not to want to for a minute and then said "Remember, You told me to" and my wife said "Pffft", I stood up and dropped my pants, Her friend looked a it and nodded and looked at my wife than said "Ha, Holy crap", My wife said "Right?, And that's only half hard" which turned into my wife telling her friend to whip out her jugs which are massive, She was always the girl with big jugs everywhere we went and back in the day she was no stranger to flashing them but somehow over the years I had never seen them.
Anyway she struggled to get one halfway out of her top and my wife said "What the F is that...Haha, Come on, Get them out", Her friend pulled her shirt which had a built in sports bra over her head and out flopped her massive jugs, Easily DD maybe bigger and she is about 5'8" not chubby but not skinny with dark curly hair and massive b****, Big, Oblong, Dark nips and my wife said "Holy crap, How do you still have amazing b****?", Her friend just shrugged and next thing I knew my wife had her top off, She is 5'3", 130 ish pounds and small B's that are small, Saggy and have big, dark pink nips"
So there we are, Two topless girls and my d!ck out, Now hard by the way and my wife says "there, See?", Her friend is like "Jesus f***, That's frickin thick and look at the veins", It all happened so fast and we all ended up in bed together, we did a little exploring each other and then they gave me double head and I kept working and working to try and get my wife to go down on her friend but she eventually ended up on her back, Me laying beside her and her friend laying on her stomach between my wife's legs, She took turns sucking me and licking my wife while I kissed my wife and played with her b****.
After a bit my wife was way into it and not paying any attention to me so I moved away from her and started groping her friend, I spent a lot of time playing with her b**** and then slid my hand over her chubby bu++ and slid a finger right in her wet, Hairy s*****, As I slid my finger in she tensed up and grunted a bit, I was surprised at how tight she was and she reacted to my finger huge, Moaning and grinding her hips so I went straight to it and leaned over her bu++, Started licking her and she was reaching over stroking me.
She is hairy but has a very nice p**** and tasted good, I licked her for a minute then she got on her knees and I got on my knees behind her, Pressed my k*** to her wet hole and started sliding into her, She was so tight and she kept tensing up and the relaxing with every inch I pushed into her until I was b**** deep and she was laying with her head on my wife's pelvis. My wife obviously noticed the lack of licking and looked at me, I expected her to shut it down but she smiled and bit her bottom lip grabbing her friends head so I went to work.
My wife is normally very quiet in bed but her friend...Holy, Moaning and thrusting her hips back, I was holding her hips and my wife was holding her head, After a minute she buried her face in my wife's thighs again and my wife tilted her head back moaning "Oh f*** yes", I f***** her friend slowly and felt her start to flex her p**** muscles and arch her back, She lifted her head long enough to say "Please don't stop....Oh god I'm coming" and I felt her whole body sort of quivering and she started coming, Oh my god did she come, It was running down my thighs and her thighs and I just held pace and kept going, She kept moaning and I could feel her still coming, It was like a full 2 minutes and she flopped down on top of my wife and moaned "Stop, stop, Stop....Oh my f****** god", She rolled onto her back and before my wife could put a stop to anything I got on top of her and she spread her legs, I slid it in her and f***** her right beside her friend.
I managed to get her friend to roll over so she had one leg across my wife's stomach and one hand on her little t***, I pushed her head toward my wife's t*** and got her to play with them and suck them while I f***** her. I blew my load in my wife but just kept going like nothing happened and managed to stay hard, I was reaching over her friend and had two fingers in her still dripping wet p**** and was rubbing her hairy bu++ hole with my thumb, Her friend was getting back into it and my wife was moaning. I grabbed my wife's hips and slid her down on the bed and I directed her friend and got her on her knees above my wife's head, I got her pinching my wife's nips which is her thing and I kept trying to pull her friend so she would straddle my wife's face but my wife kept pushing her back by her hips.
My wife started moaning louder and I knew it was close, She moaned "Pull my nipples, Harder, Harder" and then she did it herself and grabbed her friends hips, Pulled her forward and she sort of stumbled so I held her friend and watched her position herself over my wife's face as my wife pulled her hips down and it happened, the one thing I have always wanted and I held pace, Leaned down and was inches from her mouth as I watched her lick her friends p**** while I f***** her, My wife lifted her friends hips and I sucked her friends big nips while my wife came and moaned.
I know exactly when my wife is done and when she is done she is done and wants to stop and soak in her O, Which she did, She pushed my hips back and said "Oh baby, Stop", I pulled out and grabbed her friend, Flopped her down on the bed and she pretty much flopped her legs open, I shoved b**** deep in her and f***** her hard until I managed to get one more huge O out of her leaving a huge wet spot under her ass and then I held my c*** deep in her and came so hard, It all happened so fast I don't really remember the after part but we all fell asleep in her friends wet spot.
This morning was super awkward and before her friend left she got me alone and said "Hey, Did you come inside me last night?", I nodded and she said "F***...Not good", I know she is strongly against any sort of abortion and considers the morning after pill the same thing so This could be a problem apparently but....We will see, My wife has been super normal which is scary but I guess we will see about that too.

Nov 12

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  • Amazing

    I hope it’s only the beginning. I’ve been sharing my husband with my BFF for 15 years. It’s incredible

  • Reminds me of the time my wife's sister came to stay with us while she dumped her abusive cheating husband. All was fine for nearly two weeks, then the sister came back from her lawyer higher than a kite, seems he had suggested her "settlement" so she was tickled.
    Wife and the sister got gob smacked on Vodka and some serious bad pot, next thing I know the sister is crying about not getting any s**, so my wife volunteered.. me?
    Before when she gets plastered she has tended to jump my bones, a couple of times in our car. Still, the sister?
    Bit of a start there, we had never done anything up to that point, our relationship was just us, faithful and I never even dreamed of getting any strange.
    But man did I that night, I got blown, jacked, laid by both of them until I just could not. I DID find out they had tag teamed a few guys in college, another thing that was new. For a little bit I was a superstud, usually once and done but I got both of them, and later on the both blew me at once, what a kick.
    Next morning was pretty hung over, later that day my wife told me it was all OK but to not think it would be a habit. Guess I need to get them both drunk and stoned again, her sister is really nice looking just as the wife is, and that was a heck of a lot of fun. Not going to say anything much though, just let things play out.

  • While one of my Wife's friend had to stay back at our residence to attend an interview the next day in our city I too chanced upon peeping her bath and had a good view of her p**** at a closeup range. My wife was in the kitchen cooking and our guest room had no attached bath, so this gorgeous friend had to use the bathroom of the drawing room which is not visible from the kitchen side. As this friend entered the bathroom and closed the door I was ready at the keyhole. The view was just from the belly button to loins. Removing her panty and wearing the panty after bath was clearly visible. Her downside was little plump and had small hairs around her belly also. Interesting the pubic hair was running in a straight line up to her belly button. Seems she had slightly pruned her pubic hair. The c*** was thick with cubic hair and in wet condition the c******* area had good key hole size depression. That thinking of her I had to literally rape my wife.

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