I want to stop

I met my boyfriend six months ago at a club and we went to a party together after then back to his place, We were kinda getting down, I was sitting on his lap and had my top off when his room mate walked in on us, I sorta tried to stop but he kept it going and we all ended up in bed together, I thought it was going to be a one off and really didn't even expect him to call me again after something like that happening.
I had mixed feelings about it, Obviously it was a fun drunk experience, Lots and lots of s** but then the next day I felt kind of off about it, Some guilt and embarrassment and of course feeling like I had screwed up something potentially good with my boyfriend but...A couple days later he called and invited me over, We watched a movie, I stayed the night and we just sort of started dating right there, Seen each other basically every day and I was staying there every second night or so but...A week in me and him are at his place, I was being flirty and not wearing a bra in a see through shirt and his room mate came home, I was going to change but my boyfriend pushed me not to and wouldn't you know it we all hooked up again.
After that it became sort of a regular thing and then one day I was there and his room mate walked up behind me in the kitchen and slid his hands up my shirt and grabbed my b****, I shut him down because my boyfriend wasn't there but that night when we were all in bed he brought it up and my boyfriend basically told me I was to do whatever his room mate wanted. After that I basically became a used toy and they just randomly expected me to do stuff, His room mate would wake me up before going to work if my boyfriend was already gone and just nail me, My boyfriend would just tell me to be naked around the condo and "Serve them", Just stupid stuff and then last night my boyfriend crossed the line, I was in my obligatory white top, Thong and no bra which is pretty much what he requires me to wear at home and we were watching tv and he reached over, Spread my legs and put my knee over his then his room mate did the same on the other side and they told me to play with myself so I did and they watched then his room mate stood in front of me, Jerked off and came on me, My boyfriend straddled me on his knees and did it too and then they told me to go shower, I cried in the shower and when I got out I was basically tossed into bed, F***** all night and treated like s***.
I want to stop this before it goes any further but I know if I do then he will end the relationship so I guess that's a decision I am going to have to make today.

Nov 12, 2021

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  • I had a boyfriend that loved to share me with his best friend. At first I was totally into it. The threesomes were awesome. When he 'LENT' me to him I got worried. We had a talk and he said that they were a package deal. The two were determined to find women that they could marry but share their whole life time. I didn't love my boyfriend but I loved the novelty of the situation and so I stayed.

    The first time the bff brought home a women of his own I felt very territorial to her. It was hard acting like I didn't care and was fine with her sleeping with her man. I got used to that. What was harder was when the women stayed around and found out about us three. Realizing we were a threeouple looking for a fourth sent a lot of women packing and some wanting to stay. When it looked like they found one they all agreed on I realized it was time for me to leave.

    I liked them all but wasn't in love with any of them. I met a guy at work I liked better, made my excuses and left them to it. I miss them sometimes

  • Stop this and leave him immediately. Respect your life.

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