Heavily pregnant wife

Y wife is tall and slim with small firm swollen b****** and as she's 8 months pregnant the sight of her really turns me on one night she allowed me to take some pictures of her naked frontal nudes at first then as she got used to it she let me take more intermate ones..ie her on her back legs spread wide.
Her on her back pulling her legs over her head. Showing her p**** streched open. On her hands and nees using her hands to pull her a*** checks apart. Close ups of her smooth p****. I promised never to let anyone see them...a get weeks later I was drinking with a good friend of ours and got a little to drunk and as we chatted about s** I got h**** and before I knew what I had done I was showing him the big album of pictures I had taken that night.
I don't think about what I was doing as showing him made me excited as my wife was in the kitchen at the time.
I listened as he told me how fit she was and how he had in the past fanatised about her I could now clearly notice he had a solid stone on visible through his pants and was shocked to see him slid his hand down and slowly rub himself as I showed more pictures. He must of got so excited that at one moment he pulled it out from under his pants reviling a massively thick but short d***.

More to revile as the story continues a lot more.

Dec 7

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