Police are Paying and Threatening People to Attack Asians

Police in the US and UK are abusing their power and entrapping people (low end criminals, drug addicts) to carry out heinous attack on Asians.

The not-so-clever tactic it to make it appear as though CCTV has caught this "random" attack, ir tha someone just happened to be filming at the time.

They are threatening people, and also offering addicts and the vulnerable payment for these attacks in the form of access to drugs, the scrapping of records, and/or lesser sentences.

Footage is then shopped to media outlets in design to instill fear, outrage and division.

This is honestly the basis of many run of the mill crime/police oriented films/television, and a tactic used by political parties to further agendas.

Open your eyes. Be smart. Use your brain.

Dec 8

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  • You're full of s***.

  • Missed your calling - you should be a MSM contributor!

  • Yes! And run by the secret lizard Jewish Illuminati!

  • Fake and gay f*****. Kys Chang.

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