Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka governement and the sinhala peoples have periodically since independence from the UK attacking killing, burning raping the tamil minority peoples and looting who were the fist inhabitants of this land because india is only 30kms away from the tamil homelands and even their so called buddhist peace loving BULLSHIT monks have been involved in these atrocities. This genocide has been recognised as such by a number of Parliaments in the west. The perpetratosr of this genocide include the current ruling corrupt looting family Rajapakses. This has resulted in one million ceylon/sri lankan tamils leaving sri lanka for the west and other countries and affluence and peace that they have is not what could have been achieved in their homeland sri lanka.

Sri Lanka which was the best educated country in the british commonwealth is now a bankrupt poverty stricken country because the focus of the majority peoples the sinhalas have been destroying the tamils. sri lanka is now a vassal state of china because its politicains including the current government mob accepted 100s millions USD in bribes from china and then borrowed BILLIONs USD and has to give china its lands because they cannot pay.

The most amusing thing is that during british rule and immediate aftermath ceylon/ sri lanka exported professionals to asian countries like Malaysia Singapore. NOW it exports sinhala housemaids laboureres thieves and crooks and also s** slaves to the Middle East countries

In addition the sinhalas take pride in their housemaids working in chinese households wiping chinese arses in singapore in their national papers.

ALSO MY VIEW ISWHAT THE FUSS WHEN THE PAKIS RECENTLY KILLED A SINHALA GUY AND BURNED HIM when they have been doing the same thing to tamil peoples in sri lanka. KARMA is a b****!!!!

Dec 11

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  • Even the so call peace loving Buddhist sinhala monks are involved in atrocities murders rapes looting and burning of minorities and their properties SCUM

  • What a correct analysis of the sinhalas destroyed country and they blame it on the politicians but it is the sinhalas peoples that do the killings rapings looting and burnings!!!

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