Didn't think she would remember

After a family wedding my wife and I went home, Her mother caught a ride with us since she was staying at our house for the weekend so when we got back home I had to wake both of them up to go in the house, My wife stumbled off to the bedroom and I watched her flop face down on the bed, Her mom was sitting on the bench in the mudroom trying to take her shoes off. I asked if she wanted help and she just nodded her head, I knelt down and undid one shoe and then put her other foot on my knee and started to unbuckle it and glanced up her skirt and could see her white panties, White and the top half was lacy and I could see she was hairy underneath.
I got her shoe off and she stumbled off to the bathroom, I went and changed, Undressed my wife and got her under the covers and then I realized I didn't hear her come out, I went to the door and it was open and she wasn't in there so I went to the door of the office which we have made into a spare room utilizing a murphy bed, My wife's mom was sitting in my office chair with her arm on my desk and her head resting on her arm. I walked in and looked at her, She is 5'2", 130 ish pounds and I could see down into the top of her dress and could see just the edge of one areola, I whispered her name and she didn't respond so I put my hand on her shouler, Slid it across her chest and into her top cupping her smallish, Very soft b***.
I started to leave and then remembered her panties and went back to her, She was wearing a nice little knee length dress, I knelt down in front of her and put my hands on her knees, Slid them up her legs to her waist, Hooked my fingers in the waist of her panties, Worked them down and finally got them to slid over her little butt, Down her legs and slipped them off her ankles. I sat there knowing I shouldn't but I put my hands on her knees again and sprad them gently, She resisted for a second but then relaxed and let me spread her legs, I flipped her dress up and could see she has big, Dark pink, Almost purple p**** lips, My hand was shaking as I slid it up her inner thigh and started rubbing her p**** with my thumb. I spread her big lips and pressed her c*** with my thumb, At one point she started getting a bit wet and took a deep breath then let it out.
I rubbed her little more, Licked my thumb and rubbed her more and sild my thumb in her, She is so tight and just took another deep breath and sat there. I was so hard and stood up, I put my hand on her back, Unzipped her dress and slid it off her shoulders, Unclipped her bra and let her small, Saggy b**** hang down, I undid my pants and pulled out my h****** and rubbed it on her lips, I worked it back and forth and rubbed my pre c** all over her lips and finally got her lips spread and kept working it and managed to get her to open her mouth, I stood there with it in her mouth while cupping and playing with her saggy little b****, I pulled out of her mouth and stroked it with one hand Reached down and fingered her with the other hand and then stood up, Shot a massive load all over the side of her face, On her chest and her saggy t*** and dribbled the last of it on her pelvis, I rubbed my c** on her pelvis and slid a finger in her with c** on it.
I was just squeezing out the last couple drops and she reached out, Put her hand on my stomach and pushed me back, wiped the side of her face and then looked at her hand and said "ewww, Why did you do that?", She wiped her hand on her leg and wiped her face again, She got up and looked grumpy, Her dress fell to the floor and she was wiping c** off her face and lips as it dripped down her chest, She had little purple nips to match her p**** and I stepped up to her, Took one between my fingers and started rolling it, She put her hand on mine and scrunched up her face saying "Ugh, Not so hard".
I decided to leave and went to bed, In the morning she came to the bedroom door, I looked up and she motioned me to the kitchen, I went to the kitchen and she motioned for me to follow her to the office, I went in and she whispered "Unacceptable, Completely unacceptable", I apologized and told her I was super sorry and that I was drunk and whatever, She said "that is no excuse", I said "I am so sorry, I just came to check on you and your dress was falling down and one b*** was showing, I just...I....Your b**** are so nice I couldn't help myself", She looked at me and said "That's not ok", I told her I hadn't had s** in months and couldn't help it, She asked why her pantie were off and if we....I said no but told her that I did finger and lick her and she gave me head.
I kept going and telling her stuff and telling her how beautiful her body is and how tight and nice her p**** is and she just kept saying it wasn't ok and shouldn't have happened and then told me how degraded she felt about me c****** on her face, I told her I was sorry and just couldn't control myself and her reaction was weird, She seemed angry bt sort of flattered, We agreed it was wrong and a mistake and never should have happened but not to say anything to anyone, I closed it out by saying "I just want to say how sorry I am but also that you have an amzing body" which she doesn't but for a 50 year old it's half decent and she is actually really tight.

Dec 14

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  • Great story.

    You know why she said, “that is unacceptable”? She wanted you to finish what you started and to leave a deposit deep inside.

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