One time thing

What don't you guys understand about a woman saying "This is a one time thing?".
I gave my husband a 3 way on his birthday 5 year ago and he has hassled me about another one every since, My husbands 40th birthday I gave him the one thing he has always wanted and it blew up in my face, I told him the next morning "You better take what you can now because this was a one time thing".
I had people over and had planned it all out with my long time best friend, I knew he would totally be into her since he had checked her out since the day I met him, She gained a bit of weight and then got divorced and lost more than she had gained and was basically at her slimmest since I had met her even, At the time she was tall, Slim, Blonde and had massive b**** so what more could a guy want right?, I stepped WAY outside my comfort zone, Pounded a bottle of lemon gin a hour before the end of the party and was down for pretty much anything.
I allowed him to take control and lead the way so that he got everything he wanted out of it, I pretty much knew his list of wants if it were to ever happen so I went into it with my mind on the right track and it was a great time, We all had fun, I would list it as my top craziest experience and everything was all good...For about 6 months and then...We were laying in bed one night and he snuggled up to me, I knew what he was working on and we got started and then he whispered in my ear "I still think about watching you eat out N*****".
Incase you are wondering, That right there is a mood killer, I did it for him not because it got my motor going, Was it great at the time?, Yes, Will I ever do it again?, Absolutely not. I went down on my best friend, She went down on me, He had s** with both of us before, During, After, After, After and more after, I kinda felt bad for my best friend the next day when I got out of bed and told him he could have one more round with her before she left while I showered and she moaned "Ugh, I don't know if I can, I am sore" but apparently he convinced her because when I got out of the shower they were going at it hard, I joined in and kissed her and played with her b**** until he pulled out and came on her b**** and I rubbed it all over tham since she was going to shower anyway.
He got his one time, I did it all, I sat on my best friends face while he f***** her, I watched his d*** slide in and out of her, I sucked it when he pulled out, She did the same thing, We did every weird, Awkward poition he wanted and It was an all night frickin thing and he got hours, No jokes, Hours of s** with me and my best friend, It's over, Done, Not happening again. He got to have my best friend suck his d***, He f***** her, We both went down on her and vice versa while he did his stuff, I have spoken with my best friend concerning that night and she feels it was a bucket list item that is checked off and she is not interested either, I thought maybe I was being unreasonable and sat with her to talk about it but she feels the same as I do, It was great, It was fun, She said my husband was great in bed and If anything it brought me and her closer but it is over, Done, Been there, done that.
So yes men, If she says "One time thing", She probably means it.

Dec 15

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  • All this "one time thing" always, ALWAYS starts with the woman saying "no" and "It'll never happen". Then she caves and lets him have his "one time thing". Well, if she caved in ONCE for his fantasies, why not again? Don't cave, let "no" remain "no", then there will be no problems.

  • Because guys might hear the words "one time thing" but think with their d!cks, so it becomes "one time thing that just might happen again someday if you wear me down long enough". How do you not know this about guys?

  • My husband and I did a "Final fling" 18 years ago before we were to be married, We had both decided that we wanted to do a wild crazy thing one time before getting married and Being adopted we decided it would be acceptable to involve my cousin, Yes we have been related since I was 3 days old but not by blood, It was great, Fun, Experienced many things I would not have otherwise and my husband talks about it from time to time but has never asked to do it again so....I don't know, Not the same if your husband is pushing for more but my experience was a good one.

  • I do't see a problem with him checking every once in a while to see if it's an option, If he is constantly bugging you to bring her over again then that may be an issue.

  • I gave in and agreed to a 'one time thing' for my husband on his 40th B-day. I made an appointmenet at a brothel just outside of Vegas in Elko. I was fine with letting him go alone and experience all he wanted but he insisted I go and watch. Our appointment was for a 'couples party'. He had his fun and got to do everything he wanted while I watched. The girl tried to get me involved but I wasn't interested. I sat in a chair on my phone. He asked me to take a few pics so he could show his buddies.
    I on the way home, I made it clear that was a 'one time thing!'
    It's been 5 years and he's never asked.

  • Darling,

    I’m so sad to hear it was a onetime thing. I did a similar thing with my husband but I loved it!

    We have been having three ways with my BF for 12 years now.

    It’s amazing. My husband is so aggressive when he f**** my BF. It’s sooo sexy. And I love hearing her scream. And I absolutely love licking her p**** clean after he fills her with c**.

    I’m sorry you did not enjoy it. I actually prefer having our little three way than having s** with just my husband

  • Glad to hear it, Darling. How many more times are you going to shitpost your bad fantasies, Sweetie? We have reason to doubt you are even a woman, Honey.

  • You're a great wife.

  • Thank you. The fact that I enjoy it makes it easy. To be honest I don’t allow the three way for my husband. I allow it because I want it.

    I have s** with my husband and with my BF individually. But I get the most aroused watching him pound my BF.

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