It happens

Male on male rape does happen. And we can't exactly speak up without the shame.
In my case I was a 40's married male in a crappy relationship. I was curious about s** with a man so on a business trip out of town I decided to try it. I found an out of the way gay bar to assure discretion. I was hoping to find a guy to bring back to the hotel.
It was a weeknight so there were maybe 12 guys there. I sat at the bar and had a few drinks while chatting. Some how some one put something in my drink. I started to feel really sleepy, like I was really drunk. I nearly fell off the bar stool and a couple of guys caught me. They helped me walk and apparently they took me into another room and sat me on a couch. I remember someone saying "sleep it off". I went to sleep, I don't know for how long. I was suddenly awakened as I was pulled all around. Some one pulling at me arms and legs as they roughly pulled my clothes off. More than one person was there because at least two people picked me up off the couch and bent me over, face down on a desk. Everything was really fuzzy, kind of like I was dreaming. I could barely move my arms or even lift my head. My ankles were kicked wide apart, I felt someone grab my hips and then I felt the c*** being pushed into my ass. It really hurt but I couldn't do anything about it. His pelvis was banging my ass so hard I felt the desk move. He pushed into me and stayed there as he got off. When he stepped back I felt another c*** push into me. I was able to move my head enough to look back and I saw a group of guys standing behind me. I was so fuzzy I kept falling asleep.I remember my ass or squeezing my b**** to wake me up. I don't know how many guys took a turn on me or how many just watched.
Eventually they were done, they put me back on the couch and half baked put my clothes back on me. I remember a couple of guys taking me outside and putting me in the backseat of my car. I guess someone needed just one more humiliation because as I laid there someone jacked off on my face. When I woke up in the daylight my face was sticky and nasty. My clothes were just hanging on me and my ass was really sore and sticky like my face.
I went back to the hotel and cleaned up.
I have never told anyone about this. I wonder if any other guys have been assaulted???

Dec 15

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  • I lived in DC. A few years ago and there was a gang going around raping men I found out what area they were most active in and would often go to that area around midnight one am trying to get raped it was my biggest fantasy took a couple of week but finally I crossed there path they grabbed me and through me to the ground and started forcing their c0cks in my mouth didn't take long until my pants were off they had an old big body caddy with the hood up so they dragged me over there and made me put my c*** in the engine and slammed the hood on my rock hard c*** one guy jumped on the hood making the hood click shut on my c*** and went back to two on my throat while the other took turns on my ass it was both the scariest and hottest day of my life

  • I never told my wife ,i just could not except a that 2 lads of about 16 and 19 had got the better of me.The station was old and id just missed the train.The bottle one was holding over me would have done a lot of damage and they were winding each other up.One lad was laughing and had unzipped his c*** i wanted to be sick as it entered my mouth and was even tempted to wrench it of but knew the other one would batter me with the bottle.I am straight but fear took over and i went all out to please him till he`d come in my mouth Then the younger one took over who thought it was one big joke pushing it so far in i could hardly breath he pulled at my neck and all so came in my mouth.The older one was keen for more but thankfully a train came in and they ran of.Iv never felt so dirty in all my life.and even thought maybe a beating would have been better to live with.

  • It happened to me, when I was 19 ,walking abandoned train tracks ,didn't know was gay crusing area,way older guy's group gave me alcohol, then my pants, underwear down,face in grass,guy forced his fat thingy deep up my virgin butt hole,a*** ring burning, felt like was ripping my butt hole inside out after about the 3rd guy my bottom become numb ,about 7 guy's all sodomized me, my butt hole filled with sperm,it looked really gross for couple weeks, like a womans loose v*****, swore I'd never go near that place, ever again ,but did a few months later, now i go their about once a month,always wearing cute girlie bra,panties ,hose under my sweat suit',swallowing a lot of strangers p**** snot, and being butt f*****, am now a closet sissy s***.
    Love sissy bobby

  • Wow like to kno what bar u went too! i would not mind that happen to me!

  • We are a married couple. We were sexually assaulted during a robbery. We came home and were immediately confronted by 3 armed men robbing our house. I was roughed up and hogtied on the floor. I was forced to watch as my wife was stripped naked. A teenage boy held a gun as she was raped by the 2 older men. When one of the men finished with my wife he took over holding the gun and the teenage boy partially untied me. He pulled my pants off and as I laid on the floor face down he raped my ass.

  • I was raped. I went online and agreed to meet a large black man and give him a BJ. Things got out of hand and I ended up on the floor face down on the floor as he pushed a very large c*** in my ass. I squirmed and tried to get out from under him. Finally I just let him f*** me to get it over with as soon as possible.

  • Go get tested! Don't give anything to the wife!

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