I’m into feederism

I’m 5 foot 8 and weigh 330 pounds . I was at 350 at my heaviest and after two years of dieting and exercise only brought it down to 245. Then Covid happened . My gum was closed and eventually went out of business due to the virus and my yours got cut and I couldn’t afford healthier food . I tried keeping up but gained 30 pounds In the first two months of the virus . So I gave up and went back to eating whatever I want and not working out . And I felt way better . I love food and eating and I hated working out. My boyfriend was always into plus size men but during my quick gain admitted to being a feeder . He fed me during s** that night and it’s changed my life . When I outgrew my pants I bought the next size two sizes up . Now those are getting snug . My 2 x shirts don’t cover my belly anymore . Never been happier. Excess is the best . Why eat one slice of pizza when you can have a whole pizza . My feeder who encourages me . He is constantly buying me snacks and feeds me while f****** me from behind . I love eating more and more and pushing my stomach to see how much I can hold . I’m close to 350 again and 400 doesn’t seem far behind . Oink Oink

Dec 23

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