My Sons friend

Ever since I met Adam, my 19 year old sons friend, I'd known that he found me attractive. It wasn't mutual at first until he stayed with us for a few days, two weeks back. My son had gone to pay a quick visit his father (we're divorced) and was planning on spending the rest of the day playing golf with Adam when he got back. I'd gotten up early myself and had forgotten Adam was staying over, so walking into my sons room to collect his laundry items, I came face to face with a naked 20 year old masturbating what has got to be the biggest c*** I've ever seen in my entire life (real or p***). Not only was he stroking his huge c***, Adam was also sniffing what looked like a pair of my panties. he didn't see me at first. so I carried on watching what I have to own upto being extremely h****. When Adam did catch sight of me, he didn't stop what he was doing, but he did notice something I was doing which I did totally naturally. Adam had caught me not only watching him m*********, he'd also caught me touching myself through my clothing. Still stroking his amazing c*** he looked directly at me and asked me if I'd like to touch it. Like a robot I followed what he said without taking my eyes of his mamoth c***. Sat on the bed beside him (my sons room has to large beds) I took hold of Adams c*** and began to stroke his c*** for him. Now knowing exactly what I was doing, I bent down and began to lick and kiss the massive head of Adams p****. It was just as I taking in his huge c*** into my mouth, we both heard my son entering the house. I quickly walked out of the room, but not before Adam had put his hand up my skirt and felt my p**** through my wet panties.
The rest of Adams stay was embarrassing and very frustrating. I was embarrassed because Adams my sons friend and I've known him for years. It was frustrating because I know given the chance that day, I would have let Adam f*** me and probably, maybe, possibly still would.
Adams staying over again soon as they're going to a concert together. I'm deciding now if I should find time to be alone with Adam and let him put all of his enormous c*** in any hole of mine he wants ?.

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  • I told my husband that our son’s friends looked at me with l*** but he asked me not to worry because it was completely normal behavior for teen boys. I kind of liked it so I acted sort of flirty around them you know but I never crossed the line.

  • You want the c***

  • Do it! And don't forget to post about it here. (?° ?? ?°)

  • He's willing, you're willing, you're both adults... what's the problem? Time to put that c*** of his to good use!

  • Go for it!!! I can't think of a single reason why you shouldn't. Your only concern should be to be discrete and make certain your son never finds out.

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