Humiliated in front of girlfriend

The other day my gf started talking with a guy and he was kind of flirting. I told her that we had to go, but he kind of said that I was not her boss. At that I reacted badly and I pushed him away. He came at me and I tried to punch him, but he grabbed my arm, turned it and made me lie on mie stomach and apologize. My gf then said that I deserved it and that he holds a black belt in karate. I have never felt more humiliated

Dec 26

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  • Martha, my 6' tall redhead pulled that crap on me. She had this goon she used to date so she tried flirting to make me jealous. The goon mouthed off to me a bit much, I told him off, he took offense and swung.
    His problem was he began his Sunday punch on Sunday, and it didn't arrive until Sunday night. Big guy, had me by 40 pounds, slower than molasses.
    Let's just say my college 21-1 amateur light heavyweight record came in handy.
    Got me a new girlfriend after that.

  • I also humiliated my boyfriend, but on purpose. He was way too arrogant woth me, so I kind of flirted with a guy he hates, but I knew that this guy is wayyy stronger than my bf, and he taught him a lesson in front of me. Now he is way calmer

  • Does he feel ashamed

  • I took things too far and humiliated my boyfriend badly. My boyfriend was always pretty kinky and open. He was always asking me to flash my t*** to his friends or at bars. Pulling my skirt up to show my ass, that kind of thing. One night we were shooting pool in a bar and every time he would win he said "I owed him s**". He kept demanding I go into the bathroom with him so he could f*** me. Finally I decided to go with it BIG TIME! I bent over the pool table and pulled my skirt up showing my ass and tiny thong. I started teasing him, telling him to go ahead and f*** me right there in front of everyone. His friends started teasing him too. Telling him he couldn't get it up. One of his friends actually came over and started slapping my ass. I reached out and grabbed his c*** and made a big deal of him being hard when my boyfriend couldn't.

  • What the h*** is going on in here???

  • Holy crap!!

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