My girlfriends mom

I used to go to my girlfriends house a lot more than I do now and part of the reason is because my girlfriends mom is extremely nosy. I knew that every time my girlfriend and I took a nap her mom used to come in the room and snoop around. When i realized that I started sleeping with my girlfriend naked. One day i took all my clothes off and we got into bed, I waited atleast an hour and a half and by then my girlfriend was out cold. Probably about 10 minutes later i heard my girlfriends mom coming up the stairs and instantly got rock hard, oh god is she a milf. She has the most perfect b**** and a very big and toned ass. I quickly stopped jerking off and pulled the blanket off a little so my c*** was out and its a fair 8 1/2 inches when its hard. My girlfriends mom walks in and keep in mind my girlfriends dad and brother are also home, she shuts the door and comes over to my side of the bed. She calls my girlfriends name multiple times and she doesnt budge, she is a heavy sleeper. After she confirms my girlfriend isnt waking up she takes her little running shorts off and had no underwear and took her shirt and bra off, keep in mind im still “sleeping” but i can see her in the mirror. The first second her hand touched my c*** I tingled everywhere she started jerking me off and I think she spit on her hand or something because it felt so good my leg started shaking. When she saw my legs shake she put her mouth on my c*** and my eyes opened wide she was looking right at me. It was the hottest thing i have ever seen. I almost busted a load in her mouth. I wanted to f*** her so bad I asked her if we could run down the hallway to the bathroom and have a quick f*** and she agreed. I railed the f*** out of my girlfriends mom like my girlfriends father never could.

Dec 27

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