Smoking family--kids too

I was born into a smoking family, and have married a wonderful man. Of course we both smoke. We all smoke, his family too. Naturally, none of us women did not in any way treat pregnancy differently than any ordinary time--we all smoked normally. 14 kids later (my kids, my sisters' and sister in laws kids) had any problems. We still all believe the dangers of smoking during pregnancy are over rated. My 2 girls are 12 and 15. The both smoke and are not restricted in any way. It's just a normal way of life for us. But then again, we live on a tobacco plantation in the middle of tobacco country, so not many people around here see a problem with smoking!

Dec 27

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  • Good for you guys. We're also smokers, and the only thing better than smoking is s**. Enjoy!

  • Smoking is not okay. Especially when it’s in the presence of kids. More than 7000 chemicals poisoning you on a daily basis for a long term is not the way of life. It’s families like you actually causing half the human population on this planet to look like thrash. F****** dirty stupid whores! Go burn yourself with your whole smoking family with you!

  • At least you thought about the child

  • You did something right

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