Pathetic People Using "Internet Speak" Should Be Dealt With

If you use words and terms like snowflake, woke, right-wing, liberals, virtual signalling etc, you've lost the debate, you are pathetic and need a 1-2 to the back of the head.

You've most likely read some of the 'typical' literature and it has become your identity rather than education and information. You're unable to form a coherent argument without resorting to "Internet speak". You try desperately to sound intelligent and engaged, but you don't. Honestly, you don't.

Instead you sound like a puppet, a loser, regurgitating what you hear and read, hoping someone, anyone will notice you. Pathetic.

Get educated, improve your argument, funnel information through your own lens and please for the love of the gods stop going online. Your speak will remain for all to see. You should feel ashamed but you probably don't because, attention. You're an embarrassment.

Next Confession

Clothed and naked

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  • Here's your mirror.

    Go check on your mom.

    also why are you here again?

  • I am the anti-** warrior and I sell raunchy kid **.
    I promise that none of the performers are me. wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

    Ignore the x's


  • Typical woke bs right here

  • BSAB.
    Both sides use their own special words to exclude and ridicule anyone who doesn't agree with every single thing they say.
    Both sides use the internet to find echo chambers that tell them they're always right.
    Both sides can't stand anyone calling them on their ** and will screech and argue and sling insults rather than listen, because they're too fragile to hear a single sentence that doesn't validate them.
    Argue, ignore, insult me all you like-- all of it just proves my point.

  • Ya I think that's what the op was saying. Personally when anyone I'm speaking to defines themselves as having a 'side' or being left or right I immediately think they're dumb for not having independent thought and I shut off completely. Same goes for people who talk using the words that op mentions. I completely shut down. I will walk away and think you're dumb and there's no need to waste my time with dumb people.

  • ^TRUTH

  • Nah.

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