Exposing the KKK Superlawyer Club

When you expose the KKK and are intelligent, the only recourse they have is to try and attack your mental health to prevent their organization or racketeering insurance schemes from being exposed. These white collar criminals and superlawyers, have to convince others that you are crazy with the help of their communist ally friends and very well paid communist Doctors that you have lost your mind so no one believes you. It is the only way they can continue to hide their cowardly, racist behavior and corrupt financial dealings. They tried so hard, but I paid for an independent Psy evaluation and you dumb m************, I am sane! And YOU are all CRIMINALS! Watching your ivory tower fall in Texas is such a delight you pigs. Our story made National News in 50 Cities! CBS, NBC, etc...the bastards have been exposed: Judge Elliott, Judge Hawkins, Attorneys: Fred Williamson, Donal McRoberts, Donal Kidd, Douglas Murphy, Drew Bivona, the Arguello Brothers. All criminals and luxury level communist white supremacists. Even the leadership in Houston has support from the communist 51 countries of Islam, China, Laos, Venezuela, N. Korea, Russia, all funding these militant p***** with the help of Bush Jr's charitable trust act. I go before the Judge tomorrow who is in the pocket of the insurance companies that owe me 250k. Where is the mafia when you need them?

Jan 6

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  • Quite the mentally-deficient screed you posted there.
    Did you do it from your shrink’s couch?

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