Stinky business

I picked up a girl hitchhiking last week. I drive a rural shortcut to and from work. Cute blonde walking in spot a couple of miles from any homes. Shortly after getting in the truck she started talking about how she needed to "make some money". I got the hint but I only had like $35 on me. When i told her that she jumped on it and told me to find a spot. That should have been my first clue. We got off the road out of site. My truck is an extended cab with a nice back seat. We got in the back and took our clothes off. When she spread her legs she had a cute shaved p**** , but JESUS the smell should have attracted vultures! It was awful. I couldn't do it. It would have taken bleach to get the smell off my d***. She gave my a quick BJ and I got out of there.

Jan 8

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  • I picked up a gal hitching once, she had her b**** out before we made it a mile. I found a quiet park, and she lifted her skirt, no panties, and she had the worst case of yeast I ever saw on a female. Needless to say, nothing happened.

  • I have never found a girl that was too stinky to f***. I love to f*** my wife after she has not showered for several days. Most of the time I lick her to o***** before I f*** her.

  • I went to high school with a hot blonde that had an amazing body and tight a$$. She was supermodel hot and put out too! I'd heard the rumors and her nickname was 'trout'. We were at a party smoking pot and I asked her to f**k. we went to an empty room and I almost blew my load watching her naked and she was shaved smooth. I wanted to eat her out but the damn smell was horrible! Thus the nickname trout.
    The thought of passing this opportunity up never crossed my mind. I had a condom on hand and she rode my d*ck like a champion bull rider.

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