Pushing 60?

I was told by a wealthy man named James once, the builder of many famous restraunts, including the Mariposa...that "he learned after marrying multiple women across different states and countries, he not only appreciated the variety of their beauty, personailities, love making abilities and buying them each homes that he would visit from time to time as he kept them a secret from one another." Mainly because, " After 60 the only ** you get is the companionship you pay for (i.e., escorts) and in an era of venereal diseases and AIDS, it is best to stick to your Top 3-5 lovers and care for them and keep them as best as possible." Reflecting on this, I get his point and wonder if this is your dilemma? I am younger than you, find you attractive but since there is no direct line of communication, getting to know you has been difficult. Social media is not private and there is third party interference so we are at an impasse. It is a leap of faith on my part to bridge the distance and try to connect with you even if we only are ever friends. You are probably pretty set in your ways. I didn't ask you to come to the event with me to sleep with you but to get to know you better, and I would even offer for you to have your own private hotel room. None of which will ever survive past go, if you involve your 1001 friends into the equation before we have built any form of foundation, which really is not fair to me or us. Lets be clear, you are beautiful but have spent your life single because of your own selfish habits and the fact you have remained in your comfort zone and the area you grew up in your entire life. Yes, it is nice to be surrounded with the familiar, but sometimes the familiar fails to grow, change or evolve and can hold you back in your life emotionally and interfere in your relationships. Peoples perceptions of what you should do, or who you should be or whether or not xyz is good enough to date you are opinions governed by their own life experiences for better or for worse. If your circile of influence are not in a happy place in their life or in a joyful relationship themselves. They will undermine yours, pick it apart, and sabatoge your happiness or potential for a joyful loving connection if you allow them. Protect your new love relationships so they can grow. Which is honestly on you, but at least I can say I tried to see beyond what was ageist or superficial that others use as an excuse to dismiss or pass you by and gave you/us a fair shot without external influences. Can you say the same? Probably not. Think about all the past relationships you have allowed others to ruin, in order to people please, and win their approval at the expense of your own happiness and fulfillment because your are still alone. I took my shot to know you and the potential to love you, win or lose and that is something I can live with because I made the honest effort. Just make sure you can say the same beautiful because I think you know we could have a blast together if you let go of your fears and anxiety to show up for love and enjoy an evening out with me. Which is why I hesitated to even ask you out knowing and not knowing that you already made up your mind based on past toxic experiences of love. I need a sign, or hopefully you will just show up because I would love to see you and share some time and space with you to create some positive memories together. Maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part, maybe you cannot teach an old dog new tricks and I should just walk away because I cannot compete with your 1001 excuses of ex lovers or failed relationships keeping you from choosing to love again or getting to know me.♥

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  • At 60, all you have is a bunch of sentimental platitudes. You're going to eat **. Hope they send you away to the old people home. Dark-skinned nurses are waiting to throw you off your bed. Wees!

  • You’ll never make 60. HIV is not that forgiving.

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