Dating Men

Do you have a boyfriend? Men lie (Saying: your the one...I love you...your beautiful...etc) to women in order to use them for s** and unload their c** factory. Some men have multiple women, but you think you are the only one. No. Unless your man lives with you he has more than 1 partner for his s** supply. If you got pregnant or an std men will abandon you for another piece of T*** and Ass. Women need to stop giving husband privlages (s**) to boyfriends (platonic) unless the put a ring on it. If they aren't paying your rent don't give them the cookie, dinner is only a make-out pass, nothing below the waist. Never waste more than 6 months to a year dating someone not advancing your relationship. Esp if you have been having s** with men for years and they still will not commit, as in marriage, you are just a drive in gas station for someone elses short term pleasure. Find a man willing to invest in you and your dreams, pay for your college, buy you a house, build a home, join families, buy you a car, upgrade your lifestyle. Quit wasting time on losers, you are not a prostitute so don't act like one. Yeah you. How he treats you BEFORE marriage is as good as it's gonna get, they get cheap after marriage unless they were raised by a gentlemen and that is rare. The only thing they care about is lying to get your lips on their c***, don't buy the scam. Be smart, if he is not taking good care of you: physically, emotionally, financially, then he will not take good care of your children either. Don't over look his addiction issue either, they only get worse. I know you get h****, it is why God created the man who invented D****'s and Batteries. You want a healthy man, with healthy lifestyle habits, if he loves himself; body, mind, spirit. He can also love you. Never settle. ~ Your Big Sister

Jan 13

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  • Well not all men are like this, I am 6ft 3in and weight 195lbs short brown hair (a full head of hair) and I have not dated or had relations with a woman in 16 years, because I had three of them cheat on me one after other even though I laid my heart open and asked, no I begged them not to cheat. (looking like a big v***** in the process I'm sure)
    The last one we got pregnant and I wanted to have our child and I had already told her that she was my woman, my best friend and lover.... I didn't want any other woman (at the 2 year mark)
    Well she had an abortion and left me, the city and the country.
    Just saying we are not all bad

  • Just a stupid goldigger go F*** your daddy.

  • What’s the matter?

    Not getting enough man meat between your cheeks?

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