Sick Mom vs Trip

My mom got ill the month of Thanksgiving and was sick, unable to go outside until Dec 14th because she is immune compromised. I had to do all the shopping, cleaning, taking/picking up my nephew from school, cooking meals, etc. She began to feel better before Christmas and we both tested negative for CoVid. For Christmas she had never been to D.C. so I bought her a trip for us and my grandfather had won a once in a lifetime award, so his ceremony would be in the area and I got tickets to attend as well as a surprise. Well her boyfriend of 20 years came over with a cold around New Years and she relapsed, bad. We are on week 2 of her being sick. On Monday, a week before our trip she tested positive for CoVid19 and has been really ill, she just broke her fever yesterday. Today she is too weak to get out of bed and I had to change my flight to leave tomorrow on Fri. I don't feel good about leaving her in this condition and Mr. Careless who does not always wear a mask is not taking care of her, and my sister works alot and is not able. I resent how cheap her boyfriend is, it's not like I can say, "Hey Cheap ass, please give me $1500 for my moms mortgage you mooch." He is so cheap he gave me a damn jump rope for Christmas and did not bring any groceries knowing my mom is sick and we are a family of 5. It's me, myseld...and I caring for her and I feel torn. Part of me wants to go and just take a break, the other part of me is like, she is my mom, we only have one mom and what if I go and she has a medical complication or dies when she is alone. I would feel incredibly guilty about it, although she says she will be fine. The other thing is the exposure to airport germs, I don't think she would make it if I accidently brought germs home from the airport instead of just my luggage. If I cancel I will eat $450 for tickets and hotel rooms but the flights I have insurance on so decisions, decisions.

Jan 13

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  • What's more important - your mom or a trip. Money can be recovered through time, you can't recover a dead person. Think about it.

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