Unexpected find

I found a d**** in my teenage daughters nightstand yesterday. I brought some of her winter clothing out of the attic and was doing some swapping with summer clothes when I found it. This wouldn't be such a big deal, she is 16 and I am aware she has had s** with her boyfriend. We have had all the talks about being mature, smart and birth control.
This was not some little pocket vibe you keep in your purse or even something you keep in the nightstand to relax you occasionally.
This thing is HUGE, as long as forearm and as big around as a coke can! It's black with a set of b**** and a suction cup at the base. It has a cord/controller and vibrates. I turned it on and it sounded like a small jet!
I can't imagine my little girl being able to take this thing. I tried to bring it up this evening but I am too embarrassed. What do I do???

Jan 19

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  • You have been blessed.Hopefully she will leave her present boyfriend so she can be properly impaled and inseminated by BBC. White girls need BBC for superior sexual gratification.She will be wailing like a banshee when these studs impregnate her.These black studs will enchant her with their muscular bodies, endurance ,large c**** and copious amounts of sperm.So good to hear.

  • Sound like your daugher loves huge black c****.
    It's okay she can experiment. It's better that she has a huge d**** and not a real person that might hurt her. Don't mention anything to her, she might get embarrassed. I would embarrassed so much if i was her and my mother found a huge d**** in my room.
    But if you want to tell her that bad go ahead and don't yell at her just be kind.
    The fact that you already know that she's having s** makes it easier for you to tell her.
    Maybe there is a problem with her boyfriend and that's why she needs sexual help or maybe she didn't even use it.

  • What you do is stop posting fake 'confessions' on sites like this... you dork.

  • Best option is to get one for yourself and find out what you've been missing!

  • Heck I want to see her in action with this beast!

  • You leave it be thats her privacy she will distance herself and hide more if mention it

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