I'm a Naturist, Like it or Not

I enjoy being naked. If at home or at a venue that supports nakedness, I am naked 24/7. This is about my home nakedness.

I am a man in my early 60s. Have a beautiful wife in her late 50s. She enjoys the same nakedness that I do with one difference. She will not expose herself to others if visiting our home unless it is a orivate gathering of lije minded people.

I on the other hand don't care. Everyone we know are aware that we are nuturist. We have a housekeeper and she us also aware. So, if our housekeeper is working, she sees all of me. She doesn't care and is quite used to seeing me naked for the oast 5 years of her employment. She was told when she was hired but I think it still came as somewhat a surprise that first day if employment. She got over it quickly and any interaction is no different than 2 clothed people interacting.

Since we are not shy about telling people we are naturist, I never dress when someone stops by. Many at first were surprised that I would be naked when they visit but for the most part, they adjusted. A few no longer come to the house and they are primarily couples with husbands that have some weird thoughts that a naked man must be trying to seduce their wives. Nothing could be farther from the truth and at no time have I ever done anything to come across that way.

Frankly, there is no reason for anyone to have any fears of me. I am pretty much an average male. Maybe have a few extra pounds that I could lose. Only 5'10" and my manhood certainly isn't anything to write possitive or negative stories about. I have never had an erection in any visitors presence, ever. No threat to any woman or man for that matter.

We have had a few people say they liked our personal freedom and have joined us. If all are going to be naked my wife will join in. People we know talk to us about our choice of dress quite often and surprisingly it seems more women are interested than the men. So many guys just seem to carry these insecurities if exposed around other people. Some women do too but it seems they would be willing if around people they knew and not total strangers.

I am who I am and I won't change.

Jan 20, 2022

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  • My wife would be hesitant but I would have no problem undressing in front of you or your wife. My wife would eventually undress but it would take some time for her. Neither of us would if it were cold and we were outside....unless we were in a hot tub. I think nudism erodes barriers between people.

  • In my early 20s, my girlfriend's family were nudists and I didn't spend any time with them when they swam in their pool. They were cool with wearing clothes in the house while I was there and she and I would watch a movie upstairs while they swam. My girlfriend asked me a few times if I wanted to swim and that she and I would wear suits if it made her more comfortable. One day, the AC was out and it was hot inside and outside. She practically begged me as her family was already out there. so I relented and said ok. She went on out and got in. By that time, I was in her room getting ready to change into a pair of shorts that I kept in the car.

    Deciding to get over being a prude, I thought about it for a minute and with shaking knees, undressed fully. I grabbed a towel and put it around my shoulders and walked out as if I was fully dressed. I had never felt so naked in my life but I didn't stop moving, so nervously, I exited the back door and walked onto the pool deck, causing an eruption of cheers from her family in the pool. My girlfriend stood there....in her bathing suit and a huge smile. She stripped and we got in the water....Her mom, sister, aunt, and father. It was so much fun and I forgot about being naked after about ten minutes.

    I got naked every time I went over there. It was strangely disappointing when I had to get dressed. She and I broke up over her getting an out-of-state job and I had sick family members I couldn't leave....My wife, sadly, isn't into nudism

  • Put some pants on FFS

  • Why? You must feel threatened.

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