I think my bsf's gf caught feelings

So I have this friend and were pretty close and she has a gf a grade below us and recently her gf added me on snap so we started doing snapping each other and just joking around as friends but she called me "love" which was kinda weird but she said it was just something she would regularly say to friends so I just shrugged it off. but then a couple days ago she asked to give her ideas of something to draw (not important but she drew a tree) and it had some quote on it i don't remember what it said but when she gave it to me it had a heart next to my name which really threw me off. she's a nice girl but I don't want anything at all romantically especially since shes dating my bsf and they have been together 8 months and are overall in a good realationship, sure they fight a little but I can't see them breaking up.

Jan 22

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