I encourage my son to be more feminine

I encourage my son to more feminine. I like think a boy's personality is more flexible than he realizes. Girls have been encouraged to take on a little more boyish tendencies in the past decade, I thought, what about boys? I wasn't too insistent about it. I'm the mother in this case. Call my son Ned. Not his real name.

When Ned was a baby, I would dress him in girl outfits for Halloween. He would be the cutest
Princess Belle of the neighborhood. When he was older and reading comic books, I would suggest to him to dress like his favorite female superhero, Raven. Ned always liked the cloak and cape anyways. He dressed in other girls clothes after that. I don't know how it happened, but he got some man **. It's odd because he's the skinny type. I suggested a bra to help out, and it did.

I didn't make him cut his hair as often, so it grew out longer then most boys. I taught Ned how to braid it so it wasn't in his face all the time... Or I would give him one of my headbands. When he needed a book bag for school I got him a purse instead. I told him it was a satchel. He wore a girls necklace to go along with it. Something that wasn't too flashy.

When Ned wanted to join some after school activities I suggest the so-called girly ones before mentioning the so-called boy activities. He ended up doing ballet and art classes. He was excellent at both. Ned made many friends in both classes. They go shopping every now and then. He looks so cute when I come to pick him up.

Other than that long list, Ned is still your typical boy, and I think I did good job with him. I don't think I nagged him about it. My confession is, I encourage my son to be more feminine.

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  • You're a ** nutcase and ** parent.

  • He was free to dress as he pleased and he can always go back, using all the valuable lessons you, his sisters, and all the girls at school who were happy to accept him as “pink”. Thanks for sharing Mom.

  • Yes. I feel he wanted to dress the way he did. I didn't force him to be more feminine. He asked himself for me to teach him braiding. He also asked for the headbands too. He loves his ballet class.

  • Splish splash your opinion is trash

  • You're an abuser

  • You don't think I've heard that by now?

  • That's just your opinion.

  • Reading your story, I don't think you nagged him m at all. He chose to be more feminine on his own.

  • I was encouraged to be more feminine. I was encouraged to at least give dolls a try. My sister likes brushing my hair and tying it up with a scrunchie. She even gave me tael colored nails.
    No on even though about it twice when I was given a girls uniform at school. I was just being myself. My name was Rory after all. When it was girls against boys in the classroom, they called it pinks against blues and I was wearing pink.

  • Interesting story.

  • When our son was growing up to 11years, I used to dress him in some girls clothes. I really liked short shorts and also short-all's. That's like a bib and brace overalls with short pants. I always made sure his clothes were on the small side so they were tight on him.

  • You're an abuser too. Thanks for ** up a perfect young man you selfish **.

  • Parent of Ned...

    Does he still dress like that? My son does.

  • Unfortunately no.

  • Unfortunately? Does that mean you want him back in the girl's clothes? LOL

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