Cliché, but here we go…

My best friend and I are in our late 20s and are both teachers at the same school. We’re like sisters and I can tell her almost anything except the fact that I’m totally drawn to and completely infatuated with our mutual friend/soccer coach at our campus and have been for the entire 4 years I’ve known him. I can’t tell my friend because she has had a huge crush on him, despite being engaged to another man. I know it sounds juvenile and I support the idea of friends liking the same person without issue. However, it is not like that with her. She is so territorial with him and c***-blocks me even though I’m just trying to be friends with the guy. She doesn’t even want me to be friends with him! (To be fair, she is much closer to him than I am. We don’t talk that often). She’ll do things like upstage me when she knows I’m about to do something cool and he’ll witness it, to completely taking over any nice gesture I do for him. (She literally stole the Christmas gift I bought for him out of my bag and gave it to him, telling him I told her to, among other childish things). So now it is clear that she can’t know the full extent of my feelings for him. She knows I am attracted to him. I even told her I had a small crush on him, but got over him quickly (that was a lie).
I guess it bothers me, because -. She treated me like a common vulture “after her man”, someone she knows she won’t leave her fiancé for.l, as opposed to her best friend. And 2. I can’t talk to her about how I feel, the good and the bad.
The part 2: about this confession. I feel so stupid about admitting this, and the best friend is the only person I could admit this to. But that guy I like, well, he fits the perfect description of the person several psychics have told me i would most likely marry. From the story of how we would meet and come together, to his name, description, and appearance. And some of it is too specific and unique to be a coincidence or a convenient generic answer. I kinda think the guy is my soul mate and I don’t care what anyone says about soul mates. I wasn’t sure I believed in them until now. And I don’t think I am projecting desires onto someone I have a crush on, because the way some things played out were just too bizarre and couldn’t be planned. And some folks think he is into me, but we’re colleagues so it would be weird. Idk. Glad to tell someone. There is more I wanna say. But I hate writing too much.

Jan 22

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  • Those sound like toxic people in your life. 1. You shouldn’t be hung up on a man that makes you feel like you need to earn his attention. If he wants you, he will make it clear. Simple as that.
    2. I don’t care how nice a friend is, anyone who sneakily tries to separate you from others is probably not trust worthy. It’s one thing to have a conversation about it, but to “foil your plans” to know someone is just plain childish. I say move away from both of them.

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