My mom made me a girl

Yes. Yes. It's true. When I was born dad left us when I was three. I started taking after my mom and that gave her an idea. She gave my boy stuff away and purchased me girl items. My sister was already dressing my up with her so this worked out. It was like having another sister.

We were home schooled so it was easy for us. My mom got me blouses and pettiskirts of pink, green and pastel colors. I also got girl toys too, dolls, stuffed animals and princes tiaras. My sister wasn't interested in dance class, but I was. I got enrolled into ballet class. The girl's there became my friends. My birthday parties where always frilly. I would model the clothes I got like a fashion show. My mom helped out with that part.

I rebelled at age seven and tried to hold my own but Mom won. I loved my feminine side and she proved it. I loved my pink skirts too much. I turned into a very passable girl at age 10. When puberty hit, my man b**** needed support. Don't get me wrong I was a skinny kid, but it just happened. My bras were the highlight of the year. My sister help out with that part. She also help with my makeup. Lipstick was a must for me.

If you seen me on the sidewalk, there would be no question, I'm a girl. I would like to thank my Mom for raising me as the girl I am today and for my sister's support. Me and my sister get along fantastically. I'm still a boy, but that doesn't stop me from expressing my feminine side.

I think despite all that, growing up as a girl is getting me ready for dating them too. It just what I'm use too, a feminine personality. Now if only I could find girls who like crossdressing guys.

Jan 22

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  • You can always try your luck with the guys that look for your type of “girl”

  • I'm still a guy. I just like to dress differently.

  • I hope you have a happy life and not one with a confused outlook on it.

  • What a confusing life you have.

  • I'm allowing an AWA on the topic.

  • Interesting story.

  • I was made a girl too. I was in a play and all the guy parts were taken, there was more girl parts then guys. I wore a nice dress and played the best friend of the main lead. It made my love theater and crossdressing.

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